JR West launches new luxury train


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WOW How cool is this.

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CCool but cha-ching

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It's a train FFS! Who in their right mind would pay 25 grand for two nights in a train? Some people have more money than sense!

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You know you have too damned much money when you are paying $7000 a night for anything

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This all about attracting the overseas $ by having high class travel with panoramic views as they travel at a pace that gives time to take in the views in luxury its a one in a lifetime event for a very few not so well off but a memory never to be forgoton.

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It's a train FFS! Who in their right mind would pay 25 grand for two nights in a train?

I would if (and likely will when) I had the disposable income to be able to afford it. Luxury travel is a great thing, and a few days in a nice suite on a train going seeing Japan would be awesome.

Some people have more money than sense!

Some people have a lot of money, I don't see what that relation has to do with sense.

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The only good parts are that relaxing zing as the first beer hits, and the gorgeous Japanese scenery. I get all of that on the 5-hour Hakata to Miyazaki trip for less than 14000 yen.

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Who doesn't agree with capitalism here? They can spend their own money in whatever way they want unless it harms other's right. Can't they?

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Who doesn't agree with capitalism here?

Do you mean here on this site, or here in Japan? Either way, I don't.

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Pretty darn cool if you ask me! No way I can afford to travel on it but hey one can dream!

Also, Is it me? or does the end of that thing look like a samurai helmet?

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That's one ugly train.

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The Mizukaze, which means "fresh wind" in Japanese

I'd probably go with 'pure wind'.

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Hmmm...someone had the money to pay for all the jobs to build, maintain, and staff the train.

Building starts with including jobs for the mining, harvest, ect for raw materials. Other jobs for conversion of those raw materials into usable base components (sheet metal, cloth, wood, plastics, glass, ect). Another set of jobs for assembly of those components into intermediate and final products (train engine, cars, beds, chairs, ect ect ect). Throughout the process, multiple steps of transportation to get materials, components, and final stage products to each of their destinations. Thousands of jobs for making one final product train.

Finally, someone else willing to pay for the extra luxury as a passenger because they have the extra disposable income instead of hoarding their own money. It's not any different from any of us taking a vacation/trip at a lower level of comfort, which the vast majority of people in the world don't have as much income as anyone posting on these boards to do any kind of traveling/vacations. A matter of the looking at bigger picture and taking into account of perspective.

Besides the train does look comfortable and relaxing on the inside. You're not going to really care about that shade of green exterior when on the inside.

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If I had the money, I would not mind to spend it for the 3 day experience. It sounds really enjoyable.

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"Japan's latest super-deluxe train" But the train color wasn't.

The Train color should be changed to Red and White or Blue and White or Green and White. The Forest Green color look like refurbished old Train in outside.

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Looks like a spacecraft in the old 80's movie Dune.

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I would love to ride this, but damn that's expensive

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