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M4.6 quake rattles Kanto area


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Not a geologist by any means, and I dunno if there is any correlation, but it seems seismic activity seems to be increasing lately; Quake in Kanagawa Friday, Sakura-Jima Saturday, and this one in Ibaraki. Cannot help but think the big one is coming. Of course, depending on the time horizon, the big one is most certainly coming.

Mother nature is just having an "o," 's'all good.

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Sweetie. Again, go get those jimmies on. Daddy doesn't have the time to explain English tonight. And you haven't brushed your teeth yet.

Moderator: You can 24 hours off from posting.

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We had a magnitude of 4.6 shake in Kanto region Friday. Now another one struck today. Sounded kinda bit ominous. I only hope a real big one won't come before very long.

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well like I said: 100 CPMFEB. 07, 2016 - 02:17AM JST Taiwan: last time new Zealand got hit , Japan followed not much later. I hope Japan is not next.

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The Ring of Fire is all connected.

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I was shaken but not stirred here in my little cabin in Saitama. We laid a new concrete hard standing today , what better a way to find "level" than a little shake.

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Come on, kids. Mary Hinge used the word "correlation" in her post when she should perhaps have written "connection" or "link". Not a major crime.

Correlation is usually used in a statistical context, describing a numerical relationship between two sets of occurrences or behaviors or 'things'. So you might ask if there is a correlation between the occurrence of earthquakes in Taiwan and those in Japan. And to answer, you would need to hunt out data on many earthquakes in each place. But you can't make a correlation between a single earthquake in each country.

There may well be a correlation between the number of Clamenza posts you see in a thread and the number of Strangerland posts in the same thread.

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On point though there has been a bit of activity this past week with the earthquakes in Kanagawa, Ibaraki & now Tokyo. Plus Sakurajima making more noise than usual.

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Felt Fridays but not this one.

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For the first time ever with an earthquake, this one felt like a bomb to me.

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Was bringing a tray of cookies out of the oven during this one, it was one of the more noticeable ones in northern Tokyo for the past year I'd say! I wonder how it felt like in Ibaraki

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Time to move the olympias before it's too late

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