M4.8 quake jolts Kanto region


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That one knocked a few books off the shelves.

Shingenchi a hair's breadth from here according to the map.

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A small reminder from the dragon that she's still awake.

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Really weird here (Tokyo). Not the usual swaying but a vertical thump. And then another one. I have heard that vertical movement is more destructive than horizontal movement so I hope this was it.

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occasionally, such mild jolts may be good for stiff muscles and joints :)

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Yep, woke me from my arvo nap. Was pretty violent. Please don't believe that nonsense about small quakes being good.

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tairitsuiken: "I have heard that vertical movement is more destructive than horizontal movement"

If that's indeed what the earthquake was (or even not), the up-down type of earthquakes are DEFINITELY more destructive than the horizontal shaking or swaying types. Buildings, especially in Japan, are built with standards that ensure (or they SHOULD be built with them) they can resist a certain amount of swaying, but there's pretty much no way, short of building a structure inside a frame and with shocks, that buildings can withstand strong up-down earthquakes without suffering sever damage because their structures/base cemented into the ground.

Anyway, glad no one was hurt (according to the reports), and hope you are all well. And yes, hope this is the end of it.

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I remember the day of the big quake on 3/11, it was as if someone had hoisted the entire house onto a lorry and drove it at full speed zig-zagging down a road full of pot holes.

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I experienced my first earthquake in November, staying in a mansion in Chiba Prefecture... god that was an eye opener. Felt like being on a boat... weird. It had a sort of jolt then swayed for about 40 seconds My ex phoned me and asked if I was okay, did I want to run away... little witch, lol. It was also a 4+ in Ibaraki and was a 2 where I was... still pretty alarming but I stayed for the full three weeks ^ _ ^.

Glad no-one was hurt this time.

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I experienced my first earthquake in November, staying in a mansion in Chiba Prefecture

Better to experience any jolt or cataclysm in Chiba than Tokyo I'd say. Who knows what might happen to anyone in that maze that's otherwise known as the 23 wards.

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Have to love it when your ice skating and these earthquakes strike..

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isnt this like normal? i got a JMA app and it triggers earthquake in japan like every hour

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I was home sitting on my couch watching the Sumo Tournament. As soon as that big guy got knocked out of the ring, my walls starting shaking very hard. I didn't realize they hit so hard. Strange timing, but it did look like his hard landing caused the quake this time.

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Wonder what it felt like up Sky Tree?

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isnt this like normal? i got a JMA app and it triggers earthquake in japan like every hour

Earthquakes around 4-5 happen generally maybe once a week week/half. Everyday ones are around 1-2.

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This one was pretty much a completely vertical pop according to the mechanism diagram on Hinet. Explains why it felt so violent with a small magnitude/shindo.

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Sorry folks, here in my part of Tokyo did not even realize we had a small quake today until some of my students asked me if I had felt a quake today, and my response was, WHAT QUAKE??

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The one that rattled my nerves.

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A reminder, just a reminder for those eager to switch on he nuclear reactors that anything can happen; an earthquake much bigger than this can happen directly under a nuclear plant.

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Just did some quick research and the BBC have a spreadsheet of all Nuclear Plant accidents since 1952.

Guess how many Japan has had? 4

Guess how many were attributed to seismic activity? 1

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Okay, Zichi, fair enough.

Admittedly the spreadsheet only lists nuclear accidents rather than structural damage.

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Was in my sports club and didn't feel anything, what with all the running machines and everything in motion. Suddenly there was an alarm and the staff running around saying to quit exercising. Turned on the flatscreen TV at one of the ellipticals to see what the fuss was all about.

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Same town, same part of Tokyo and actually same house, but me on the first floor teaching a bunch of kids eikaiwa felt nothing, nada, but my Japanese wife upstairs on our 2nd or 3rd floor later asked me if I had been scared, and again I had to ask, scared about?? The jijishin, and again, what jishin?? I was to busy running and playing with my little students, doing the hokey pokey etc..

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@Serrano, hope your nerves are not rattled any more as for me, lovely sunny day here in Tokyo time to get the heck off this pc and enjoy the OUT DOORS!!! Jishin or no bloody jishin time to enjoy life!

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Can we remember that the Nuclear plant wasnt damaged by the earthquake in as much as it was damaged by the tsunami. Coal Power ,releases one hundreds times more radiation constantly that nuclear, death per terrawatt nuclear is safer even with the accidents even safer than renewable. I dont know why we have scientists when we just ignore them. Fukushima was not the problem, the problem was building it on the coast of a country that is infamous for tsunami.

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