M5.3 earthquake hits eastern Japan


A 5.3-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Japan in the early hours of Saturday -- causing buildings in Tokyo to shake -- but there was no risk of a tsunami, seismologists said.

The 67-kilometer-deep quake hit the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo, at 1:10 a.m., the United States Geological Survey reported.

Its epicenter was 35 kilometers from Tokyo and there were no immediate reports of damage.

The quake, which struck just four kilometers from the city of Abiko, was also recorded by Japan's national weather agency.

Japan lies on the so-called "Ring of Fire", a series of seismic fault lines encircling the Pacific Ocean which create frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

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Yep, woke me up.

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NHK reported it first at exactly 1:10 am as I woke up to the temblor! It was pretty strong!

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Can't wait for the BIG ONE to hit. That should solve the funding for the 2020 Olympic Games. There will simply be none. Better early than late unless Japan wants a show that will be remembered by everyone around the world and in particular the participants who manage to survive a disastrous earthquake in Tokyo. Perhaps if Shinzo Abe were to shut his trap and stop spouting aggressiveness that this danger could be averted.

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I was at my desk working at the PC at home in northern Saitama, and the shaking was just strong and long enough that I grabbed my phone and passport and considered getting up and moving closer to the exit, where my earthquake kit sits ready. It wasn't enough to actually convince me to get up and go, but it was close.

It probably wasn't any stronger or longer than some recent ones have been, but the timing in a dead quiet house got my attention more than usual.

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It woke me up too. At first I thought it was the wife tossing and turning, until I saw things swaying back and forth in our 7th floor mansion.

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I guess i slept through it as it was only between a mag 2-3 in tokyo.

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And it was followed up by a 5.4 in Chiba around 10:34am.

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Well earthquakES are a daily occcurence in Japan. The eyes n ears should be on the unstable, old and poorly managed nuke plants

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My sister and I were in Tokyo asleep and I woke at 1:10am to the worst sound I have ever heard. It was liken to a growling from the earth and the building. The 15 story building shook like it was made of jelly.. We were both on the 12th floor and never had we experienced anything like that... When we spoke to people they weren't worried and said it was only a medium size one!

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I was in a pub at the 3rd floor drinking beer and playing darts, when the quake news came on TV which was on a screen. Had ´t noticed quake at all and neither had anybody around me. I guess in a quiet place people would notice it.

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