M5.4 quake jolts northern Hiroshima Pref, parts of Shimane


An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 jolted northern Hiroshima Prefecture and parts of Shimane Prefecture on Monday night, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The quake struck at 7:16 p.m. Its epicenter was focused at a depth of about 10 kilometers. It was strongest at Miyoshi in Hiroshima Prefecture, the agency said.

The agency said there was no danger of a tsunami.

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I just saw that on the JMA website. It looks like it was a pretty good shake, affecting a wide area.

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Shindo 3 here, my room rocking and rolling for a while. Actually felt tremors in my pc stand about two hours before it happened and wondered if it was a precursor to something.

Always keep a torch/flashlight and a whistle beside my bed, but maybe I'll add a bottle of water tonight!

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Good little window rattler. It got my attention.

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That part of Japan doesn't get many earthquakes usually.

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The bottle of water, whistle and flashlight are a great idea.

I actually have a "grab bag" located in the closest next to the bed. It's basically what I "need" if I want to dash out the house and leave all behind. Some change of clothes, passport and other things.

Always worth to review emergent plans with your family when these things happen. Where is your meet up place in case of a fire for example? Same for earthquake, god forbid.

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zichi, I'm in Kita-ku, are you on the other side of the mountains? Nothing felt here in Kita-ku....

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Felt it in Himeji =|

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Grab bag is good. Needs to be right beside you as you may not be able to get into a closet.

Beds with a bedstead can actually hold the ceiling off you if it collapses, BTW. A row of such beds in a hospital in Kobe saved all the patients there. (Apologies to futon lovers...)

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Don't forget to add a pair of shoes to your bedside emergency supplies. Lots of people get cut feet from walking on smashed glass in the dark.

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Thank the gods, felt nothing here in Tokyo from that quake except for the rattling of a jack hammer outside of my house, which did feel like a long LOUD quake but luckily just a bunch of construction guys tearing up my street!

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Zichi, often, when you guys rattle we don't. We rattle when Kyoto Minami or Wakayama has a quake.

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The east and north of Japan are on the North American Plate.

The south and west are on the Eurasian Plate.

I guess you wait and rattle your plate when your time comes... :nervous:

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My earthquake detector (pc desk with spindly legs) is still gently rocking and trembling this morning... hope that was the main quake yesterday evening!

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Felt it here in Shinsaibashi Osaka!

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Gee, I didn't feel anything here, although many others, including my husband , felt it. I must have been coughing again at that time.This cough got so bad that I shake when I cough and get dizzy after that. No way to feel anything.Guess I have to watch the cat closely.

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Hope the Ground say still for minute for Japan.

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Friends felt it in Takamatsu. This was the second one this year, where there have been none in that area for something like 40 years.

One woman fell over in her kitchen, and a bloke fell off his 1st Fl balcony breaking his shoulder.

The Osaka weather bureau is telling people to be prepared for 'Shindo' 4 aftershocks.

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I'm within the Hiroshima city limits and while it was very noticeable, it was nothing compared to the Geiyo quake 10 years ago or the Hanshin quake of '95 (as felt here).

What did cause me alarm was... my keitai going off with "Early Earthquake Warning" (about 10 seconds after the shaking started) on the screen and some siren sounding tone I've never heard it make before! lol. Good feature I suppose, especially if you're near a tsunami zone or perhaps driving when you might otherwise not notice it. Startling if you're just setting at your desk thinking "ahh, this is nothing".

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There was a radiation spike in Shimane after the earthquake, by the way.

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