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M5.5 quake shakes Kanto


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I was in an elevator and didn't even notice it. That's scary!

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bit of a shake here in yokohama but nothing alarming at all. surprising thing is that the alert on the J tv was like 2-3 minutes after the quake

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shook pretty LOOOONG out here near Kujukuri

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"Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says" + "M5.5 quake shakes Kanto" =?

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"Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says" + "M5.5 quake shakes Kanto" =?

Relevance? Did the 5.5 quake cause any damage that I missed?

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I've not felt a thing.What time did it happen?

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" Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says" + "M5.5 quake shakes Kanto" =? "

Yes, so what? Has an earthquake ever damaged a nuclear power plant? Anywhere?

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" At the Fukushima No1 plant had three reactor meltdowns and the Fukushima No2 plant came within 60 minutes of having meltdowns. "

At Fukushima No. 1 plant, the plant survived the earthquake just fine. It shut down as designed, without any problem. As you well know. Your point?

And please spare us all the stories about the tsunami. You know very well that yes, tsunamis are caused by earthquakes. But that is a different issue. Why obfuscate the topic?

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Good comments Zichi. WilliB is jousting with windmills in his attempt to argue that a massive earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant explosion/melt down all within the week of 3/11 are not inextricably connected. Without any problems my foot.

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Let it shake ever more violently and a big one to celebrate the 2020 Olympic Games. Something that will forever be edged in the memory of the Olympics. This life experience will really show that Japan can outdo China in everything including the opening and closing ceremonies. Lte's look forward to that.

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