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M5.6 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami alert


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This one felt pretty big...almost made me get up and leave the building

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I felt it while walking around hamamatsu shi machi.

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Well and truly felt in Shizuoka!

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A long shake there, but everyone at the office just kept working like it was a breeze of wind. Nothing really to make you get up and leave the office.

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Considering it was only a M5.6, it shook a LOT here. Pictures falling of the walls, computer jumping around on the desk, critters going crazy.

Hope everyone's OK.

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It says it was only a shindo 4 in Tokyo, but I swear it was more than that..

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Did the alert system work for anyone? Didn't for me. Be prepared. Have your home and office as bolted down as you can.

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Alert system worked.

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The JMA force scale depends in where you are standing and the building structure itself.... so in some places in Tokyo, it may have been felt as Shindo 5... or more, while in other the force felt was lower...

The shindo 4 for Tokyo is an average of the all network installed in Tokyo area

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Zero movement up here in Hakodate....

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What would happen in New York if the same scale of an earthquake which hit Tohoku in 2011 occur? Will hightowers of New York be safe?

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My earthquake alert went off about 5 seconds after it started. Pretty useless really!

It's been a while since we had a strong quake. It's a bit scary. I actually prefer the regular mid range quakes. At least you know the pressure is not building.

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Did the alert system work for anyone? Didn't for me. Be prepared. Have your home and office as bolted down as you can.

You can download an App by Yahoo on Android or iOS, and it works, yes.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

That was a pretty good jolt alright. Like the article said, we shook for about a minute or so. It was weird, there was this little rumble like a gentle shake for about 10~15 seconds, then a second, more insistent shake, just as I thought it was over that lasted nearly a minute alone. Ah, quakes! Fascinating things.

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Had to happen right at lunch. Not like there's ever a good time for an earthquake. Good thing I wasn't ordering a Martini, stirred not shaken because I'm pretty sure I would have been sh!t out of luck there. This business of not being 'buzzed' at work is really starting to kill my social lunch sked. (rolls eyes)

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Schopenhauer: What would happen in New York if the same scale of an earthquake which hit Tohoku in 2011 occur? Will hightowers of New York be safe?

They don't expect LA-, Tokyo-sized earthquakes in NYC. Only NY-sized earthquakes.


... The International Building Code's seismic provisions apply across the United States, but the specific requirements vary based on seismic hazard maps. ... For the Los Angeles area, the code sets a maximum acceleration of 2.49 Gs, or 2.49 times the acceleration of gravity. .... but that kind of acceleration would likely require an earthquake of around 8.0 in magnitude. * The maximum acceleration for New York State is just 0.59 Gs. ...

... If you work in the Empire State Building or the Chrysler building and today's earthquake has you worried, breathe easy. Skyscrapers are built to withstand high winds, which in most cases apply stronger lateral forces than any quake that's likely to strike Gotham. ...

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This one startled the cats and made several things fall from the shelves!

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Forget the cats, this one startled ME!

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It wasn't all that huge, but I was waiting in line in a hospital at the time. After 5 minutes, the waiting room TVs were showing news, looping the same footage of some wires wobbling, a konbini employee picking up one cup ramen cup that fell, trains waiting at Tokyo station and a small landslide that made one car a bit dirty. Elevators stopped and nurses were taking patients off wheelchairs and helping them up and down the stairs. Watching all that was pretty dramatic.

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I was in the observation deck (45F) of the Shinjuku Metropolitan Government building. It was a little scary.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Yeah, at work on the 41st floor kinda puts a whole different feeling to a quake. The swaying, if no one says anything, will make you a tad queasy if you weren't aware of a quake at the time. Lucky I was out on the street having lunch at the time.

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Noticeable swaying in Osaka. So it must have been pretty big in Kanto.

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Considering it was only a M5.6, it shook a LOT here.

It's because it was so shallow. A milder shallow quake will cause a lot more surface damage than a stronger, deeper quake. Generally.

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Buildings in Tokyo **- and other areas - shook Tuesday as a strong quake hit the Kanto region

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The initial jolt was quite scary, here in Tokyo. After that, it felt like a normal shindo 3 shaker.

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hello dear people))). i hope u are all fine and healthy after earthquake today. im Ayna, from Tukmenistan. i dont know is it much M5.6 for all of u. i dont live in Japan. my sweetheart is there nowadays. and im worried soooooo much. he wrote that earthquake. but as we have difference in time almost in 4 hours. i didnt notice the time at first time. i was so scared to know about quake. now he doesnt write me anything. im calling, but line is busy....... anyway.....tell me please. how is there now? what about Saitama and CHiba? what news?!

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“There was no abnormality in our monitoring at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant following the earthquake. Yeah, the reactors lie somewhere in the ground , radioactive water leaking... Scary what nowadays is considered as normal.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

The waitress had just put the bowl of ramen in the table, and the soup started rolling around and spilling on the table. Luckily I did not get any on my clothes.

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In Kumagaya, it was quite a shake. I've got everything secured pretty well, but I left my study to avoid being crushed if my securing of all the metal bookshelves failed to suffice, just in case.

My earthquake alarm went off pretty much simultaneously with the initial jolt,before the rolling started. That's not unexpected, since the epicenter is pretty close.

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The fact the Japanese Home Islands sit on one of the most active parts of the so-called Ring of Fire explains not only the large number of earthquakes, but the large number of active volcanoes (and near-surface "hot spots" that create onsens) there. As such, earthquakes like this are the norm in Japan.

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My earthquake alarm went off

You're lucky ! Mine just doesn't seem to want to work anymore... Even Docomo couldn't "fix it" ! It was pretty darned scary here in Yokohama too ! I believe they said "4" but it felt MUCH stronger !

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Hello. Everyone's fine. There were no reported injuried and no damage to speak of. Your swetheart is almost certainly fine as far as the earthquake is concerned.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

As such, earthquakes like this are the norm in Japan.

Yes, but in Kansai (Osaka and environs) extremely rare these days. I look at all the news from Kanto about quakes and shakes, and think "do we even live on the same island?"

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

Sure Tessa, and a few years back in KOBE, ask anybody who was in KOBE, KANSAI during the horrible earthquake and FIRES and tell us how you are such a different ISLAND! Anyway, I did NOT FEEL a thing, sure I was walking, out in the beautiful sunny weather in Iruma, Saitama, but my IPhone and everybodies cellphones started going off, and when my Yurkekuru application started screaming that an earthquake was coming, I finally STOPPED to see my IPhone, see if I could feel the quake and it was only a SHINDO 3 in that part of Saitama, but I know it was worse in Ibaraki etc...so we need to be ready, even in great weather!

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Nerima here. I'm not too proud to say I legged it outside.

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Any actual news about whether or not the recent earthquake affected the extremely delicate procedure of removing the spent fuel rods/assemblies at the Daichi reactor (as opposed to the official 'nothing to see here folks' line taken by TEPCO/the government)? http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-tepco-is-risking-the-removal-of-fukushima-fuel-rods-the-dangers-of-uncontrolled-global-nuclear-radiation/5359188

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Equality, that's a horrible, poorly sourced article you linked to. No sources other than "so and so implied this". Come on now. Let's use some critical thinking about what we read.

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Equality, that's a horrible, poorly sourced article you linked to.

Poorly sourced, grossly biased “journalism” is part and parcel of Global Research's entire operation. Anyone with an even remotely discerning bent can see that.

I swear if they didn't have the opportunity to whinge about Tepco and nuclear power in general, their raison d'etre would simply vanish and we'd see a rash of suicides within hours, if not minutes, of the conclusion of clean-up operations free of accidents or the much-ballyhooed IMMINENT DISASTER™ they're practically praying will happen. It's offensive on so many levels.

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