M5.8 quake strikes off Chiba, jolting Kanto region


An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 struck off the coast of Chiba Prefecture on Tuesday night. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the epicenter was 30 kilometers deep.

The quake, which struck at 9:27 p.m., registered 3 in Saitama and Chiba prefectures, 3 in Tokyo and 2 in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The agency said there is no danger of a tsunami.

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That's a little too scary for my liking. 2013 has had a rocky start to the year indeed. I feel a much bigger quake coming on later in the year.

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I am close to Shinjuku and I didn't feel it much at all. At first, I thought it was the high winds blowing my building, until I looked up and saw my overhead light swinging.

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Shook here, but not really newsworthy...

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Got a bit of a jiggle here east of Tokyo, but not too bad. I find the not-knowing worse. Is this going to be like all the others, or is this going to be like the ONE other? That one started small too and then suddenly ramped up. They have been hanging this "Big One" over our heads for years now. Part of me just wants to get the bloody thing over with!

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The epicenters keep moving south. One hopes they don't have another "big one." One was enough.

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This hysterical behaviour is quite a bad joke. Take a look around yourself. ALL the buildings you see, have withstood any earthquake for decades!

Then Take a look here:

Read! This one, like the ones in Tokyo Bay a few weeks ago, are happening 50km below the earth's surface! That is where this faultline actually is!

If you are a person that cannot live and feel important without being afraid of nature, then live somewhere else, not in Japan....

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The epicenters keep moving south. One hopes they don't have another "big one." One was enough.

Gelendestrasse - I had no idea that minor tremors like this were non-existent in the kanto area before yesterday. I guess you are right, we should all run for the hills

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Run for the hills!

Not Mt Fuji though... ;-)

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We can make jokes about quakes, but when we do get hit again, I just hope and pray we get lucky like back when Fukushima was hit, I mean we, Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama, most of Chiba was scared but only 7 fatalities. 7 people die in Tokyo just crossing the street and getting hit by cars on any given day. We should not panic, but if you can not deal with mother nature, yes, our earth is ALIVE, it moves, it burps, it farts, and we call them quakes, time to leave Japan. As for me, all of my life I have lived with quakes, Mexico, the USA and now Japan, Big old Ring O' Fire, right??

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