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M6.1 quake strikes off east coast of Japan


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Incredibly shallow. If that had been land based... NO TO NUCLEAR!

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Japan needs a break from another possible disaster.

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Elbuda, perhaps you missed the quakier in Global's statement, 'possible'. Think before you post a rant.

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I don't know... we're kinda used to it I guess.. :)

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Sorry 'Radie' but it's pretty hard to get 'used to it' when you know 'the big one could be the next one'. I swear we all just hold our collective breath for the first 5 seconds EVERY TIME the ground starts to move.

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I'd have to say I'm pretty used to it. And it's not actually the earthquakes that scare me, it's the tsunami.

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Quakes in subduction zones are a fact of life. Seattle is also a place for bug subduction zone quakes. Read up on the Juan De Fuca zone. Don't forget Mt Rainier is just in the backyard.

The one to really watch for in Honshu is the Nankai trough.

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I don't see that worrying about earthquakes has any benefit at all. It's not going to stop the earthquakes from happening, and it's not going to save you when the earthquake does happen. So if you are that worried about earthquakes, you'd be better off choosing a non-earthquake zone.

It's important to worry properly.

What is worrying properly?

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