M6.5 quake jolts northern Japan


A strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan Saturday, but there were no reports of damage and no danger of a major tsunami, geologists said.

The quake struck at 1:34 p.m. off the Pacific coast of Miyagi Prefecture, around the same area as the giant March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the United States Geological Survey said.

The Japan Meteorological Agency estimated the magnitude at 6.5.

The epicenter was 125 kilometers northeast of Sendai, Miyagi's capital, the USGS said, estimating its depth at 35.7 kilometers.

The quake did not cause fresh damage to the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, according to its operator Tokyo Electric Power.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, while the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was "no destructive widespread tsunami threat" although a local tsunami could result from a quake of this size.

The Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train services were halted because of the quake, but resumed shortly afterwards.

The devastating March 11 twin disasters left about 22,000 people dead or missing and triggered an atomic crisis at the Fukushima plant, where emergency workers are still working to cool down the overheating reactors.

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Felt this here in Sendai, a bit strong, but it's classified as a level 3 in intensity here (Tokyo, like a 1). I was a bit frightened by this one, since I don't live here and in the 5 years I've visited Japan, never felt earthquakes. My fiance is at work and being home alone made it a bit more scary. Still, seismologists say this was only "light shaking" in Sendai. I thought it more moderate.

I was also pondering going to Tokyo today. thank GOD I went yesterday. I can only imagine the backlog of the shinkansen (it was so crowded yesterday on the way back to Sendai).

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felt it in koriyama, felt a few in the 6 weeks ive been here this was one of the bigger ones

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@ deli and Ady: You will get used to them. Make sure if you have high furniture and the fridge included have those supports that go up to the ceiling to anchor them down. Be careful about putting heavy things high in the cupboards, and simple things such as not filling soy sauce so high in those little bottles etc. Also, be careful of TV's sliding off onto your head when sleeping.

Enjoy Japan though. Great place.

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For whatever reason I've been paranoid that I've been feeling earthquakes all day (I'm far away, in Osaka). Weird coincidence. I feel so sorry for the people in that area. I'm sure you DO get used to them, to an extent, but after March 11th I'm sure the bigger ones make some people panic and fear the worst.

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I'm leaving back home in 5 days. The aftershocks here in Sendai weren't frightening at all, hell that July 10 7.0 didn't scare me at ALL. Then again, I was in Yodobashi, surrounded by people. A few people ran out of the store. Here, I was alone. Also, my fiance's apt has some structural damage (cracks, lots of em). We're on the bottom floor of a two story apartment building. I get scared that earthquakes of this magnitude will bring the house down.

My fiance? Damn, he's traumatized for life. He was born and raised in the Shiga area, where earthquakes hardly happened. 2 weeks prior to 3/11, he moved to Sendai for his new job. He doesn't like talking about the 9.0, he says it's the most traumatizing thing ever. Still, aftershocks like these startle him. :(

I really hope this region calms down within the next year. These poor people are so startled.

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Stick by his side Delita! But move to a different place if yours is damaged.

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On March 11, many people didn’t evacuate during tsunami warning, especially those people who live a bit farther from the coastline. Many of those swept away and died. More people living very close to the coast evacuated and survived. Earthquake frequently happens in Japan. People get used to it. BUT please evacuate when tsunami warning was announced in the area where you live. People living rather inland thought tsunami wouldn’t reach that far, BUT IT DID.

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I'm in the Taihaku ward. An hour's drive from the coast. We're not in danger of tsunami. We're too far inland, thank God.

The people here in Sendai have carried on as normal, as far as I can see. I don't know the public reaction to this 6.5, as I was home. I imagine people freaked. Like I said, since July 9, when I got here, I've only felt about 4 after shocks. Supposedly, it has calmed down significantly since March and April.

Anyone feel this one down in Tokyo?

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I was in the middle of teaching my Sat afternoon guitar lesson in Mizusawa, southern Iwate, when things really started to ROCK! My student moved here from Kanagawa after 3/11 so she was pretty scared. Not fun at all.

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Of course, I'll always stick by his side. Unfortunately, I'm on a tourist visa. Can't live here just yet. Besides, I have to go back to work in about 3 weeks. >_<.

I pray that no more biggies happen close to Sendai. These people really are traumatized. I don't blame ANYONE for being scared.

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Anyone feel this one down in Tokyo?

I didn't feel a thing, and I was at home not on the street (where you rarely feel one unless it's big).

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Sorry to hear this. Hope nobody injured.

For whatever reason I've been paranoid that I've been feeling earthquakes all day (I'm far away, in Osaka). Weird coincidence

smith, everyday when I was in Japan til end of June, I was feeling earthquakes. Then it stopped entirely when I returned to US. Isn't this weird? What was that?

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To all the 'earthquake' feelers: Medical condition called 地震酔い(jishin-yoi) or 'earthquake drunkenness'. It happens. It is real. Don't fret.

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Nothing felt here in Tsukuba, Ibaraki...phew~~

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BlueWitch - You take care. You guys could get a bigger one at any time, just like us in Tokyo lol

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