M6.7 quake strikes off Hokkaido; 2 injured


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Felt sharper than the 2011 quake, but shorter.

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Hang on to your hats. It could be a precursor to something bigger. Hope not, though.

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rushed to turn off a kerosene stove in the room

Still using those ridiculously dangerous stoves, enough of this high-tech Japan huh....

This is definitely the strongest earthquake in Sapporo since the one which occurred in 2003 with the epicenter near Kushiro, and was felt very strongly in Sapporo.

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Tomakomai got a pretty good jolt as well. Hope everyone is OK.

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The Meteorological Agency announced it was a plate boundary earthquake - not the type I like to see.

Plate boundary earthquakes are usually stronger than fault quakes and are what caused the Tsunami in 2011.

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Was quite strong here in Niikap about an hour or 60km from urakawa strong and long ,, was a cold morning but soon had us forget the cold and think about getting to higher ground. thank god no major injuries reported . Happy new year everyone.

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Second one in Hokkaido this month, hope there's no third...

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This earthquake must be a job of troubled mind EEL , just shaking up her world around lunch time! Shouting up to Hokkaido" what's shaking up folks? " I hope that two elderly ladies have smooth recoverly and receive good care from their families. ❤️

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My friend and I were in the Sapporo TV tower when we heard phones announcing jishin. 5 seconds or so later the tower observation deck 90 meters above ground began shaking. Felt like forever before we stopped shaking but we knew since we were higher up we would be swaying longer than closer to the ground.

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Still using those ridiculously dangerous stoves, enough of this high-tech Japan huh....

The reason why Japanese people dont use "high-tech" heating (high-tech heating means gas central heating) is because of earthquakes. Imagine if Japan had gas central heating pipelines everywhere with the number of big earthquakes. The old oil heaters are safer and easier to get to and switch off. They are isolated, as in they dont have a trail of pipes everywhere.

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