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M6 quake hits eastern Japan; Fukushima nuclear plant stable


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hmmm... didn't feel anything... (Chiba)

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Was a bit of a sideways shaker in Ichikawa. So much for these scientists predicting them, hey?

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That was the second one today in the same approximate location--another at about 12:35 this afternoon at a 5.5 magnitude (both only barely a 1~2 shindo in Tokyo, though).

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We had a 5.5M around lunch time as well.

Level 2s and 3s on the Shakeometer, so not too bad.

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"Nuclear plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant remained stable."

Yeah, in 'cold shutdown status', right? "Remained UNstable, but no further visible damage was done" would be more apt.

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Nuclear plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant remained stable.

If stable means over heating, I really don`t know what is unstable. Maybe when the nuclear plant becomes unstable, that is when we all will see another mushroom cloud above the reactors.

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In a way, I'm relieved that the plant is stable ...

But more importantly, I sincerely hope everyone's fine, no injuries (physical or otherwise).

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I am also in Chiba within spitting distance of Ibaragi & felt it but it was small.............

There have been a few weid ones of late where I flelt slightly LIFTED, kinda like that sensation where yr flying along the road & hit a little dip & you feel kinda suspended.......

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I was in Ora machi, Gunma ken, and I could fell it very strong even in the first floor.

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I felt it here in Tokyo but it wasn't so big. But there again I should just keep my mouth shut....tempting Fate and all that. We've had quite a few since Saturday. Felt one Saturday morning too. That one felt stronger than today's.

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Hope everyone's fine.

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It was a shaker in Tsukuba. I didn't notice the quake at noon, but this one lasted a over twenty seconds. Enough to become fully aware of what's happening.

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At a 7th floor in an Akiba-Building, it was quite a long shaker. The 'earthquake-proof' building makes it feel different from what I am used to at the ground though.

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The lunch time 5.5 and the afternoon 6.2 were essentially in the same place, remember the earthquakes that preceded 3.11?

12:28 JST 14 Feb 2012 36.3N 141.6E

15:22 JST 14 Feb 2012 36.3N 141.8E

Just be prepared.

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Yeah right the plant is stable.. that's what they want us to believe.

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I am getting to the stage where I HAVE to believe the plant is stable after every shaking episode. God help us if it isn't Nd all hell let's loose. And after March opposed to pre March 11th, my imagination has widened it's borders....and I had pretty wide borders before!

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@Samantha: Place a cylinder on it's side --an empty tomato can will do-- now place a coin on the inside of the cylinder at the bottom of its circumference, that's stable. Dai-Ichi's stability? Put the same coin on the outside at the top of the cylinder's circumference.

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There were 4 since late last night.

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@ YongYang. Yeah, I understand.You know, if we didn't have kids it wodn't be as 'difficult'. Do you know what I mean? If it was just hubby and I, well... Ce cera cera .....or however you spell it! I am sure every family here in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures, has this lurking in the back of their minds. Since I came here, almost 13 years ago, folk have always brought up the 'big one' or the 'nuclear ant scenario'. Since last year, the boogeyman has come out from under the bed.,

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Huge apologies. Mu IPhone spellcheck has gone out on it's usual tangent.

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"Fukushima Plant stable"... er, nothing remains stable in an earthquake.

Anyway I hardly expect them to start listing every busted pipe whenever one of these large aftershocks strikes. They'll issue the same old 'no damage was reported' bulletin first, and then send the workers in to patch the place up again.

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@Sam, yes. Since arriving in Hesei 7 and putting down deep roots, well, you know the story. It's stressful to have a constant red alert playing even in the back of your consciousness.

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er..yes, been here since Heisei 4 YongYingYong, Just choose not live a state of constant fear like yourself. Just prepared. Who knows where you will ACTUALLY be when the big one strikes. Que Sera Sera. Tokyo hasn't even had the big one yet.

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Feels like a completely different country here in the West of Japan. No excitement, no Mt Fuji eruption, no constant earthquakes... stay safe people!

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M6 quake hits eastern Japan; Fukushima nuclear plant stable

Did the earthquake fix the plant?! Awesome!

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moom...good one!

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in this time, i was in a hospital. so surprised.

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@Resident: The red alert is focused at the Big One, that's part the parcel of living in Japan, we are prepared, the red alert came online at 15:36 JST on 12 March 2011. Do you see, now?

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Earthquake-wise, and everything else, I'd say the plant is totally vulnerable, hangin' by a thread.

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Point taken YongYang, but my point to you is, why remain in Japan if you live in constant fear and you find it stressful? It just seems a very odd stand to take. There is nothing you can do (and I mean all of us) to 'save' the population. We must be prepared for sure, but not let it rule our lives.

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Samantha, my iPhone 3GS used to do that , but the 4S is much more stable as is the iPad.

I hope no more big ones come. Too scary.

YongYang, I believe it was the 11th and not the 12th.

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hey JapanGal, I think he is referring to first explosion at the power plant.

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Whether it is stable or not, mates, is open to interpretation. Remember those false high temperature readings?

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Tuesday?? I did not feel a thing here in Tokyo!!

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