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M6 quake shakes northeastern Japan; no tsunami risk


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One object fell down in my kitchen from this earthquake. My Au phone early warning earthquake system sounded after the M6 finished. At the tail end of this earthquake it went up and down a little. It was mostly side to side. Hope everybody else is OK.

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Really? I didn't feel a thing in north Chiba. I had my amp up pretty loud and was fanging some Black Sabbath. I guess the power of a Marshall amp is greater than that of mother nature. Hope everyone is OK.

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I was just searching how to help in that area (like a few day trips from Tokyo) when my building shook. When I looked to see where it was I was surprised and a little freaked out to see it was in the exact spot I was googling. Hope everyone is okay!

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A very small shake here in Ota-ku.

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I hope all are well in Japan.

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I was reading in bed here in Shinjuku, and the swaying was quite noticeable, but very gentle. Best to release the energy little by little.

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Japan Please Shut down all of your Nuclear Reactors for your peoples sake. The Next Earth movement may be the big one you cannot afford another Nuclear mishap. I have many internet friends in Japan That I hope have Long life's without the fear of radioactive poisoning.

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I was in church in Shinjuku and we were in the middle of a hymn ... We didnt stop

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This is an aftershock of 311.

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White_Shinobu I was in the middle of something else as were many others, but did not stop. Why religion has to be your brave act?

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Why religion has to be your brave act?

Many people start praying God when that shakes. Shinobi and co were already doing it, so they continued.

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Like Tepco would actually let anyone know if something was happening. Ohhhhh ya ! We forgot to mention tw cooling tank crack got bigger !!

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Funny, I think I was in Saitama at the time and felt????? Nothing, except some other guy mentioning if anyone had felt a tremor, but no did not feel a thing but I really doubt that such a small movement could be called an aftershock of 3/11. Look at New Zealand, they got hit, and hit real hard and then a year later they got hit even worse, but here in Japan so far so good except for the stupid mess up there in Fukushima with the Nuclear power plant radiation leaking etc..

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