Magician Princess Tenko invited to attend Kim Jong-Il's funeral


Japanese magician Princess Tenko, who has performed in North Korea in the past, has been invited by the North Korean government to attend the Dec 28 funeral of Kim Jong-Il.

Pyongyong had previously announced that no foreign nationals would be allowed access to the country during the nationwide time of mourning, but apparently made an exception for Princess Tenko based on her good relations with the late leader and his family, Japanese media reported. She performed at dinner shows for Kim in 1998 and 2000.

According to Sports Nippon, quoting Tenko's manager, some of Kim Jong-Il’s relatives e-mailed the magician the day his death was announced. The family apparently requested that she wear white clothing and bring ceremonial Japanese paper with her.

Tenko’s manager says she is still considering the invitation, Sports Nippon reported.

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if finalised, NK may say Japan was represented by Princess Tenko !

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Please go and make the whole north korean regime dissappear, that would be a great trick to perform.

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Please go and make the whole north korean regime dissappear, that would be a great trick to perform.

Since the Korean peninsula has already been sawed in half, perhaps she can pull off the feat of painlessly rejoining it.

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Make junior disappear, and the world will be in awe.

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On her last visit to N Korea the Princess did a Houdini-style escape from a tank of water. Kim ordered the tank to be filled with 2 tons of Evian water. He said the water in N Korea is not as clean as the water in Japan, and mineral water would be better for her skin. How much does 2 tons of Evian water cost anyway?

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I'm not so sure about these calls to get rid of Un. While there isn't much hope he will be a reformer, he does have experience outside of North Korea, so it's possible. I haven't heard any policies come out of him, so here's to hoping he feels a little more for the North Korean people than his father did.

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