Male managers in Japan have higher mortality rate, study finds


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I would think when you spend 60 to 80 hours per week in the office, it becomes hard to eat and sleep. Shortening the life span of the person putting in those hours.

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Copious amounts of alcohol and cigarettes will do that to you

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A guy at Mitsubishi Shoji told me the life expectancy for middle-upper management in his company was 51. High salary but an early death. Many were more than happy to take the risk, though.

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For other countries, they were able to study the case of female managers.

heavy job demands and long working hours made it difficult for such workers to make time for health checkups.

Over a certain grade, they can go on week long check ups without anyone in the office noticing, except the person processing their expense reports. BTW, all that booze has no incidence on health ?

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Is anybody actually surprised by this information? It would seem that ‘kuroshi’ is booming in Japan. I wouldn’t expect anything to change though. In fact, I expect it get worse over the coming years.

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I guess that's one way to make room at the top for women.

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My 55 yo JP boss just accepted early retirement. He has lived away from his family for 10 years in a company dorm in Tokyo and has no hobbies that I am aware of. I don't see him lasting long in retirement.

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By experience, Japanese management should be called slavery.

More than half of them where I worked were giving over 60 hours per week, and had no hobbies.

Sheepish to the end and no mint mind going to the slaughterhouse even if you are telling them. Very few escape. The young for some do escape that dark future though, usually working overseas.

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A job to die for.


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Really a sad article. Here in the U.S. I worked as a Supervisor for many years at a company I truly loved and then I finally walked out. Fortunately I'm a saver but sadly I never took time for a family. My reason for walking out was the backstabbing, the politics, the incredible amount of gossip, the long hours and a lousy Manager I reported to that never had my back. My department was composed mostly of women with a female Manager - they can be incredibly cutthroat (maybe that soured me on marriage). Since I basically retired early I might go back but it would be in a staff position with me watching all that mess happen to someone else. What I can say is yeah I have no hobbies but my stress level is practically nil.

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