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Man commits suicide by jumping off train in Nagoya


A man committed suicide by jumping off an express train on the Meitetsu Inuyama line in Nagoya on Monday morning.

The incident took place around 9:10 a.m., Fuji TV reported. Police said the man jumped off the airport express as it was passing through Kamiotai Station.

Police identified the man as Noriyuki Fukino, 42, a lawyer who lived in Toyoda City in Aichi Prefecture. After the incident, train services between Inuyama and Nagoya stations were suspended for an hour, affecting 7,000 commuters, officials told Fuji TV.

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How did he get the door open without anybody noticing? Or was if from the window? From the top of the train?

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Again using a train as a suicide device. I wonder if the press printed a bunch of fake articles about people committing suicide by jumping off bridges into the ocean, the suicidal would do us all a favor and choose that route instead?

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One of the lines in Nagoya was stopped on Friday for a suicide. Gave me a chance to chat to my classes about it - they were pretty indifferent to it when I pointed out that using a train is just selfish. They don't care. They're sadly, used to it. I can imagine the panicking from travelers with regards to checking in. If you want to off yourself, head to a forest and leave the rest of us out of it. Or better yet, seek help and spare your family and friends the pain.

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Well, this suicide tactic's quite new ... jumping off an express train?

I, for one, would like to know more details on the case, and if there was some way to make trains "jumper-free".

I hate train delays, specially on weekdays when everyone's eitehr going to work, or coming home.

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What a desensitized nation we live in. It always makes me "gaff" when I see the part in these articles where it talks about how long the delay was and how many people were inconvenienced.

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"Jumpfree" means more barriers and a cost that burdens us. How about people seek help or go somewhere a little less public?

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Messing up the trains has two motives.

They hate their family and want them to use the insurance money to pay back for the delays.
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Interesting comment JapanGal.

They hate their family and want them to use the insurance money to pay back for the delays. 2.

what is the 2nd part?

I never thought it that way but now it makes sense. They hate their families. yes and they of course hate themselves.

One other thing I found out why suicide is big in Japan is because there is no taboo against it like there is in the Christian countries. It is bad but not considered nearly as bad as it would be in the puritan countries like USA. I do not think you can really commit suicide anyways unless it is time for you to go. You can try but it will not work. I know many people who have tried but failed. I told them there time has not come and they better not test it any more since a cat only has 9 lives.

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probably only way was to jump out of the window but i dont remember if the narita express has windows that open?

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Why would this lawyer suicide??

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Well, in Europe train-surfing (especially on the ICE) is one way to spend a relaxing week-day. Maybe he was trainsurfing and somehow slipped to his death...

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Number 2:

They just bought a huge house because the nagging spouse wanted it thinking it would make life a more tolerable misery, but deliberately did not sign the insurance papers.

So now, a huge debt and no life insurance.

Some people really can hate.

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Insurance companies in Japan do not pay out for train suicides.

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probably only way was to jump out of the window but i dont remember if the narita express has windows that open?

Where does the story say anything about Narita express?

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Some people on this page have an overactive imagination!!

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