Man dies of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning while using generator during blackout


The Fire and Disaster Management Agency is calling on residents to properly ventilate their houses when using generators or charcoal braziers to heat their homes during rolling power cuts in the Tokyo metropolitan area after a 61-year-old man died in his apartment in Hachioji this week during one of Tokyo's rolling blackouts.

Authorities said Friday that the man, who was using a power generator, is thought to have been killed by carbon monoxide from the generator's exhaust fumes.

According to the Tokyo Fire and Disaster Management Agency, the man was found dead by his son on Tuesday some time after 7:30 p.m. It is believed the man started the generator inside the apartment without sufficient ventilation, which may have resulted in carbon monoxide poisoning.

This is the second serious carbon monoxide-related incident following Tokyo's rolling blackouts after an 84-year-old man in Ome was left seriously ill from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities believe the man had been trying to heat his house using a charcoal brazier without sufficient ventilation.

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Wow. Who does not know you can't run a gas powered device in doors or BBQ?

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So let that be a lesson to you all. You must... I said you must.. rely on Tepco! I say make them darn generators illegal. Only experts should be in charge of creating power.

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Even if it gets really cold i wont use a brazier.

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While it's very sad that the guy was basically a victim of the power cuts (like the people who have been killed at crossings while the lights were out), you don't really have to be an expert to know that you don't run diesel or petrol-powered engines in enclosed spaces. A pity we are having to worry about any of this at all though.

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Apsara - While it's very sad that the guy was basically a victim of the power cuts

No he isn't! He is a victim of his own negligence and failure to follow the very large warning label on the top of every generator written in to or more languages. I am not disrespecting the families of the two mentioned in the article, but they are candidates for the Darwinism award.

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Sad, but then it's likewise sad the guy didn't think about ventilation. I mean, even with the small kerosene heaters used people open up the doors and windows a crack at least.

Horrible that the son had to find him.

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Disillusioned, I have to admit I was thinking something similar, but not wanting to speak ill of the dead I was just trying to put it nicely.

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61 years of age ? with a generator in his apartment , are there no balconies ? Talk about wearing a shirt and trying to Iron the wrinkles out of the collar . Nah ... I wont burn me neck . Or was it something else ? I can top myself and leave my son a handsome insurance reward ?

Me thinks the man was not stupid . OR DID THE SON ...... nah .... This is Japan, family would never do that to each other.

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