Man killed in avalanche while back-country skiing


A man was killed in an avalanche while he was skiing outside the designated course in Katashina Village, Gunma Prefecture, on Sunday.

At around noon, Shigeki Yoshida, a 36-year-old office employee, was hit by an avalanche at Maehotakayama, Fuji TV reported. He was pulled out of the snow by other skiers 20 minutes later but was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest. He was taken to hospital where he was confirmed dead.

According to police, Yoshida and a friend were back-country skiing, despite signs warning skiers not to venture off designated slopes.

An avalanche warning had been issued from Friday to Sunday due to higher-than-normal temperatures.

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He died doing what he loved. Back-country skiing is the best, but of course it also dangerous. It is just as it is.

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Charge his family millions for the rescue...even though dead.

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Those areas are risky. RIP.

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