Man on Honolulu-bound flight from Japan dies


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What a way to go! Aloha but RIP!

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@ Weasel

I made the same observation and the moderator axed me.

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@Riffraff What observation was?

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That's so sad... i wish there was more details... what happened?

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In a way, it's nice to see some privacy policies being enforced (though no doubt it's in part to protect the company), but at the same time I want to know more. My guess would be heart attack given what little info we have (they noticed he was suffering a medical emergency, and they tried to perform CPR), but it could be other things besides of course.

Anyway, RIP. Had they not been over the Pacific they may have had a closer place to land and try to help, but it sounds like he was a goner.

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Wow... was there any doctor in the flight? Btw, would you Delta MNL/NRT flight is alway having problem with the plane. You could be stranded inside NAIA waiting for the unknown time of flight, Hehehehehe. It happened recently to my son on his way back to Nagoya. The spokesperson said it's a cockpit and engine problem and have to order and wait for the parts coming from Singapore hehehe. It happened to me too and have to wait for a day due to mechanical problem with the wings of that plane. Worst thing, I have an incident with Delta way back 2009 on my way back to NRT. Would you believe, the plane doesn't even have first aid kits. I guess Delta shpuld junk that MNL/JPN plane before it crash due to mechanical problems.

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And this is news because...??

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And this is news because...??

Because a man on a Honolulu-bound flight from Japan died. I would have thought that would be obvious.

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People die on flights all the time. Not news - more so when there are no details.

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And this is news because...??

...because DAL released a statement to the press regarding the death of a passenger on one of their flights. If they had kept quiet about the death, then conspiracy theorists would have accused DAL of a cover-up and/or that no one on the flight tried to help the passenger.

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People die on flights all the time.

I don't think it is all the time. However, I'm sure that it is reported in the news every time. Perhaps you are confusing your not being interested in this news with the idea that it is not news? In any case, it certainly is news.

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I highly doubt that Ben.

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A quick check revealed hundreds of thousands of hits on news reports of other such deaths. Personally, I found the story both sad and newsworthy.

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Newsworthy (though not headlines) and very sad. Must be awful if someone were picking him up at HNL.

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