Man on sidewalk killed as taxi, truck collide in Kawasaki


A pedestrian was killed when a truck collided with a taxi in Kawasaki on Monday.

According to police, the man, believed to be around 70 years of age, was on the sidewalk at around 2:30 a.m. on Monday when the truck and taxi both attempted to move into the same lane simultaneously. TV Asahi reported that the vehicles collided, causing the truck to careen onto the sidewalk, hitting the man. He was taken to hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Police say an investigation is underway to discover the cause of the crash.

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let me guess. no blinker. Then agian who knows. Could be ANY NUMBER of problems. Taxi drivers in Japan are on the road so much, they just don't care. I had one run a stop sign the other day and almost t-boned me. He just assumed I would stop and let him totally break the law. Nope. I was expectating you to stop mister!

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I would be on Taxi being the fault...they take off or stop without the slightest look at the mirror

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Discover the cause of the crash? A taxi and a truck collided while both trying to maintain poll position. Pretty easy really!

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I see quite a lot of these taxi idiots braking the law every day on my commute, in extreme case have even blocked em and called the cops on them...they are the main hazard on the road

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Talk about wrong place, wrong time. Sad.

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around 2:30 a.m, around 70 years of age..must have just finished deepest sympathies...

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Maybe the old guy hailed the taxi which cut off the truck and ...let the cops figure it out.

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Over reaction from the truck driver, unless the taxi rammed into the truck I can't see how it would mount the side walk

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