Man, woman apparently fall to their deaths on Chiba mountain


Chiba prefectural police said Thursday that the bodies of a man and woman, both in their 70s, were found Wednesday at the bottom of a cliff at Mt Nokogiri in Futtsu City.

Police believe the bodies are Takayuki Suzuki, 71, and his female acquaintance, both residents of Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward, who went missing during their climb up Mt Nokogiri on March 11, Fuji TV reported. Search personnel had been looking for their whereabouts since March 14.

According to police reports, the two bodies were found roughly 30 meters below a cliff and that they had not been on a designated mountain trail. It appears as though they may have slipped and fell during their hike.

On the morning of March 11, Suzuki informed a male friend that he would be climbing Mt Nokogiri and that was the last time he was heard from.

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Pretty brave to be hiking in your 70s. Hats off to them. At least they didn't die alone.

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Mt Nokogiri

Hacksaw Ridge?

Hope they didn't suffer too much.

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Hm, alright. Since this is not an immediate action, it is not in process, to avoid ANY misunderstanding it should read "...(apparently) fell to...", not "fall to", since it has already happened.

Moderator: No. If you use "fell," then you have to attribute the word to someone speaking in the present tense.

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To be at least seventy years of age while mountain hiking is mandatory in Japan.

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Nokogiri-yama is always worth visiting. It was featured in Topgear. It does have one "balcony" ridge, with wonderful views.

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The incident surely gives off a tinge of sadness. But given their old ages and they did what they loved, it does not sound so sad. The chances were very high that the couple have been called to heaven. I offer prayers for their souls. RIP.

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Sounds like suicide to me. Further investigation is necessary. Interview their families, they may have had dementia too. Murder also cannot be ruled out.

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Pretty brave to be hiking in your 70s.

Actually, most of the people I run into on mountain trails here are at least in their 60s. Plenty in their 70s too.

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Hiking is one think but when you go of the trail it turns into mountain climbing, no place for a 70 year old unless you are very experienced. Pride comes before the fall, literally. RIP.

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How can you be sure one wasn't pushed and the other jumped? Or did they call it an accident so they could close the case quickly?

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Hiking is one think but when you go of the trail it turns into mountain climbing, no place for a 70 year old unless you are very experienced.

There are also no inexperienced 70-year-olds hiking serious mountains in Japan.

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One falling ok,.....but two....that changes things possibly

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@GW They could have been tethered or maybe belayed.

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