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Man, woman on motorbike killed in collision with truck


A man and a woman riding a motorbike were killed Saturday night when they crashed into a truck in Shizuoka.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 9:40 p.m. near a parking area on the New Tomei Expressway. NTV quoted police as saying that the motorbike was leaving the rest area and as it entered the expressway, it crashed into the truck.

The two bike riders, a man aged 41 and a woman aged 31, suffered extensive injuries and were pronounced dead at hospital.

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The most important thing I learned in Graduate School was not to get a motorcycle. I told the Poet in Residence at a party that I was going to get a motorbike. He entreated me in the most passionate words not to get one. I may well owe my life to that poet who died way to young of cancer.

This is the truck driver's fault. The motorcycle could only have been hit from the back. That said, motorcycles do not belong on expressways. I don't care how many cc's they have. Expressway entrances are dreadful in Japan and hard enough for cars.

This is so damn sad. Driving, I often have to brake for motorcyclists who have no common sense. This motorcyclist only wanted to get on the expressway.

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From a Biker with 31yrs riding experience I do whole heartily disagree, also belonged to many MCC not Gangs.

But do agree that many underpowered biks and thin tires seem to cause many accidents as well as poorly maintained ones, I can strip minw and rebuild within a weekend.

Can you say the same about your car?

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Kabukilover: "This is the truck driver's fault. The motorcycle could only have been hit from the back."

How do you know it's the truck driver's fault? especially when it says the motorcycle 'crashed into the truck' and not vice-versa? Sounds to me like they thought they could get out in front of the truck or just weren't looking, which would make it 100% their fault. By law, of course, regardless of whose fault it was the truck driver will take the majority of the because he was driving the larger vehicle, but still.

"That said, motorcycles do not belong on expressways. I don't care how many cc's they have."

And yet you say it was not their fault. Interesting. In any case, we have the death of two people who had lots of life left to live yet. RIP.

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The article first says they crashed into a truck, but then it goes on to say the truck hit them. So which is it?

The motorcycle could only have been hit from the back.

Or from the side, or they crashes into it with their front. The article doesn't give enough info to be able to know.

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Most likely the clipped a fender overtaking = pure immature and reckless driving.

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Probably trying to get in front of the truck at they entered the highway and didn't make it. RIP.

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I am a fully qualified rider having passed my test many years ago in the UK. For me, there are two ways of riding. How I ride when it's my life on the line, and how I ride when I have a passenger. Safe breaking distances and definately NO filtering when I have a passenger are just two of the rules I never break. Now I ride a powerful bike. The article doesn't say the engine size. But most bikes can far exceed the acceleration of even the fasted cars out there. But a truck thundering down the inside lane approaching a junction and you pull out thinking you can beat it.......that is just poor riding. It's my guess that's what happened. Mind you...many truck drivers thinking they are bullet proof leave the ducking and diving to the rest of us. And just carry on using their smartphones and reading manga as they break all speed and safe practices.

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The article does not say how it happened, so everybody is speculating. The minimum engine size for bikes to get on the motorway here is 250cc, and with a passenger, that is not all that much power. If that was the case, it was a misjudgement by the rider. Anyway, yes bikes are the smallest vehicles and their riders draw the short end of the stick in case of a collision. But they are aren´t really that much different to K-cars in that respect. So what should be do to feel safe in traffic? Buy a Benz S-class? A Humvee? Not really an option for most of us.

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As an experienced GOLD Drivers License holder/rider here in Japan. I cannot speculate on what happened but overall riding here in Japan is one of the safest places to ride a motorcycle in the world.

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