Manga of book on Soviet women's war tales captivates Japanese readers


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I welcome such books that w

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And now her compatriot Ukrainian women take up arms to resist the russian fascist invasion of their homeland!

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I think a manga or a book on Russian atrocities in Ukraine would be more relevant to understand the current situation, rather than about what happened 8 decades ago. Such articles stink of apologetic attitude towards nowadays issues, which are not the suffering of Soviet women but the genocide committed by the Russian army in a modern, democratic country.

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Iam skeptical how acurate or truthful or appropriate a manga version of the historical perspective thats being portrayed with these books.

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Ordinary Russians are victims of dictatorial regimes as much as present day Ukrainians are.

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There's no need to make a manga version because it takes away from the original.

Stolen copycat story

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Kuripisu _ like I said, apologetic... What you dare say here is absolutely horrific. In Ukraine the Russian scum just bombed a school where only civilians, including a lot of children took shelter. 60 out of 90 people died, many that survived are heavily injured. How dare you compare this with whatever happens to Russian citizens?

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In Ukraine the Russian scum just bombed a school where only civilians

Maybe not bite at every MSM story cuz their full of lies and such. But since you’re hungry, here’s another one that probably got past your “scum” radar.

I have seen this dozens of times in schools and kindergartens in Donbass that have been attacked by Ukrainian artillery.

Links help

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Meanwhile, the manga chronicling the experiences of the ‘comfort givers’ of yesteryear goes unread and their sufferings largely unlamented. Narratives of the world unite!

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