Man's body found on roof of apartment in Tokyo


The body of a man in his 40s was found on the roof of an apartment building in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward on Thursday morning.

Police said there was a Japanese sword near the body which had several wounds, NTV reported. Police said it appeared the man had committed suicide.

The body was found at around 11 a.m. Thursday atop the building in Waseda.

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Several wounds but its a suicide? One can only hope a competent coroner will check into that one.

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No snow?

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So did this guy kill himself and end up falling onto that roof??? RIP???

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Must be a Tanto sword. No full length katana will allow for multiple stab wounds.

I imagine the man stabbed his stomach several times in quick succession.

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Autopsy will be performed to determine which stab caused his death. Like tim can stated, one can not stab himself after he was dead.

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