Man's leg severed by train after he falls onto subway tracks


A 22-year-old man fell off the platform at an Osaka subway station and had his left leg severed by a train, police said Sunday.

According to police, the man, who was drunk, fell off the platform at Nagai Station on the Midosuji line in Sumiyoshi Ward at around 6:50 a.m. Saturday. Sankei Shimbun reported that the train driver told police he saw the man fall and applied the emergency brake but could not stop in time.

The man was taken to hospital and was in a stable condition on Sunday.

Police said the victim, who is a university student, had been out drinking the night before. Station surveillance camera footage showed him walking unsteadily near the edge of the platform just before he fell.

Th incident caused train delays of up to 50 minutes.

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Jeeze what a way to start off the new year. Hope they were able to recover and reattach his leg. With technology today they can reattach and regrow bone to make up for the loss caused by the damage. Good luck to him.

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Th incident caused train delays of up to 50 minutes.

Only 50 minutes...

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I read that he was a drama student and on New Year's Day he was to have his first theater dance performance.

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Poor guy, but I doubt doctors can reattach his leg Hawkeye

@Frank, agree..who cares how long the trains were disrupted for, geez, if that happened here yes people may be inconvenienced and frustrated but if they knew the cause then I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue.

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Ahhhh man losing your leg at age 22 is just sad and completely avoidable. He is going to take quite a while to adjust both mentally and physically to this change in life circumstances. Feel very sorry for him but he can take a little solace that he is still alive and has a full life ahead of him despite picking a fight with a train.

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I was a few stations down in the afternoon and there were still delays. I feel terrible for the guy, and can't help but think that had there been barriers this would not have happened. They're being installed on said line slowly, but surely. Sadly for this young man the station in question still didn't have them. If you drink, take care, people.

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Take care before you drink! It is too late to take care after you drink because alcohol lessens your ability to take care or even think about taking care. Especially with his first performance coming up today why on earth did he drink alcohol last night. Peer pressure? Sad, sad, sad.... Once he's over the trauma maybe he can take heart and inspiration from the remarkable Alessandro Zunardi who returned successfully to motor sport after losing both his legs and learnt a para olympic sport too winning medals in the London and Rio Olympics.

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That's so tragic. Such a sad thing to happen.

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Ahhhh man losing your leg at age 22 is just sad and completely avoidable. yep its called drinking in moderation, seriously the amount of crimes, deaths , injuries people do to themselves and others all becuase they cant handle their booze or dont know when enough is enough. Its sad that people seem to think getting plastered is a way of having a good time.!?!

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In the age of sensors off all sort and IOTs, I am yet to understand why there is no sensors detecting people falling on tracks at stations without barriers, automatically engaging a smart braking algorithm which will slow down to a stop any train in approaching the detected zone.

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Um. That was a stroke of bad luck in the new year. Hope he'll recover.

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Hope he wild stop drinking now.

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