Map showing where people can see Mt Fuji released online


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Amazing map! Going to need extremely clear air though to see Fujisan from 200km away.

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This should help increase my home value!

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I love the one over near Biwako. Fuji-san is about the size of a pixel.

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interesting box of bollocks

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Why does everything in Japan have to be made so explicit, and documented to the nth degree? Does the illusion of having removed all doubt make people feel safer, or what?

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Something caught my eye; why is Sakhalin island north of Hokkaido still split in half? (the old border is still visible) I thought it was already ceded to Russia after WW2?

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I can see Mt. Fuji from Kita - Toda Station while I wait for the Saikyo sen in the morning if the weather was good..

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