Marine debris widespread after flooding in western Japan


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The clearing of this debris is as much a part of the clear up softer the disaster as that carried out on land.

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World wide problem, literally beaches today in Shonan were disgusting.

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Tell them it's a soccer stadium and the world is watching.

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Refrigerators float?

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Thanks beat me to the punch.

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The amount of debris could be the largest on record

I find this to be more than a little hard to believe. After the Tohoku earthquake debris was found on the other side of the ocean.

I really get a bad taste in my mouth after reading theses over exaggerations and sensationalist comments in articles and the authors expecting people to take them at fact value!

Sure it's couched with the "could" but come on, common sense says otherwise!

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once they have collected all of this waste, what happens to it? where does it go and how is it processed?

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