Maruha execs punished over tainted frozen food case


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In this case, what's the point of removing Kushiro the the other person? How can they have predicted, prevented or lessened the severity of this incident?

I haven't been following the story, mind you - have they behaved inappropriately? lied or equivocated or anything?

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Hmmm...But...the boss didn't do anything wrong and its not like he could have prevented this? Buying up full pages of newspaper to apologize and warn people. This was a case of 1 bad culprit that wanted to poison people.

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That's just nuts! The upper management should be doing exactly the opposite and putting all their efforts into restoring public trust in their products. By standing down they are making themselves look guilty and responsible. However, I guess they were responsible for the delay in recall the products, so I guess some reprimanding was in order, but standing is just over the top!

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What this article doesn't say is that the company's initial reaction had only been to issue a statement saying consuming the pasticide in these low concetrations would not cauise severe health problems. Within 24 hours the Minsitry if Health and Welfare ordered the company to do a recall.

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I hope for life imprisonment for the culprit and it is the head that is responsible for what the body of the company does in respects to the presidents stepping down from their positions. One employee can try to destroy a company as it seems the culprit wanted to do IMO. In knowingly causing mass poisonings like this and of foodstuff that kids would want to eat too.

pizzas, croquettes and pancakes

A sick twisted individual who is too low to pity in doing such a thing as poisoning anyone less no children.

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I am glad the government caught the criminal and make him held accountable for his action.

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Good job J-Cops!

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To have the two top exec's resign is just plain 'NUTS'.

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Actually this is how things should be. What all the people supporting the retiring execs are ignoring is that THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED. There were previous customer complaints, and only AFTER a LOT of people nearly died and it was impossible to keep on denying things did the company execs actually start investigating.

In addition, there was inadequate supervision, inadequate testing, inadequate quality control, and people NEARLY DIED.

It is entirely appropriate that these executives should resign. I sincerely hope that the next CEO puts in place more stringent testing and supervision so that there is no possibility of a repeat incident, as well as a more active customer support line where suspect incidents can be reported.

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Saying it is nuts is the western way of thinking. The Japanese way of thinking is that all are part of the team, and when one person in the team does something wrong, the entire team pays. If the company does well, everyone does well. If the company does poorly, everyone does poorly. This is a hard concept for westerners to learn, but what it does is place a lot of responsibility on everyone to not screw up, as everyone else will also have to pay for their actions. It leads to a more orderly society, and there can be no doubt that Japan is much more orderly than most western societies.

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Strange, when it is not their fault they get punished and when there is a corruption scandal they get a golden parachute???

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I'm not seeing how your question relates to my comment. Can you elaborate?

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