Masks, disinfectant, social distancing: Japan responds to disaster amid coronavirus

By Sakura Murakami

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Pathetic response, people are required to pack into crowded trains to do what? Be at their desks? Stay at home and Finnish your work in half the time. This is only going to get worse as long as old thinking is prevalent. What may I ask is Aso and Sugas stand at the moment? It would seem the government is completely clueless, not suppringly they did disband the expert Pannel.

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Plenty of grumpy old Japanese men walking around my neighbourhood without a mask on.

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Misa Matsuda, a 48-year-old nurse, accustomed to the annual floods in the region,

I don't think anywhere in Japan has annual floods. Annual rains yes, but not annual floods.

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Social distancing? Where?

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Kyushu has the worst flooding and infrastructure spend in Japan...

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Masks or disinfectants are not yet enough in whole Japan since January.

Incompetent Abe Govt has not yet been able to improve insufficient supply.

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