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Mass norovirus food poisoning at nursery school in Shibuya


A mass food poisoning outbreak caused by the norovirus occurred at a nursery school located in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward earlier this month.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the norovirus outbreak infected a total of 41 kindergarteners and two nursery school teachers at Yoyogi Nursery School, Fuji TV reported. Over the course of three days from June 6 to 9, the infected children and nursery school staff exhibited symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, and complained of fever as well.

While none of the infected infants and adults were hospitalized, 35 stool samples tested positive for the norovirus. Furthermore, all infected patients consumed the same school meal on June 6, which ward officials said was deep fried chicken, meat and potato stew, and potato salad.

Shibuya Ward suspended the nursery from serving lunches for three days.

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Interesting. No healthy fresh vegetables and fruit, but they got nailed by the virus. I say the potato salad. Actually potato salad in Japan is mashed potato salad, but I say there was the source.

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Every year we hear of mass food poising cases in Japan - never hear this anywhere else except Japan. What's going on? Lack of hygiene? Training? Regulation? Or all of the above?

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This is probably a case of a small company that deals in lunches and food preparation, and as such I'd say poor hygiene and little or no inspection. Likely somebody was a little careless with the hand sanitising after using the toilet, or else the all-too-common no covering of the mouth sneeze into the pot of stew or something. In any case, what on earth is a three day suspension going to do?

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Noro is no joke. Wouldn't wish it on anybody, and it's spread so very, very easily. All it would need is for one infected person to touch the food, crockery or cutlery before the meal was served. Poor kids. And teachers. And poor whoever got the job of cleaning up.

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Have to agree with Smith here. How is 3 days going to help? Norovirus can be really nasty and if it gets to your kidneys then potentially fatal. It spreads like wildfire. 3 days is not going to protect anyone. Shut down the nursery for 4 days, clean it out, and use a completely different process/ company serving meals for a month until it is clear.

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Hope everybody gets better soon.

Noro virus outbreaks are not uncommon on cruise-ships, etc, either.

The place will need a thorough cleanimg, takes just one sneeze to break as people remain contagious for 2 weeks after recovering.

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Norovirus aside, I couldn't help notice how plain the lunch was. Either kyushoku isn't as healthy as it's touted, or this school was going on the cheap. Oh well, I suppose potato really is a vegetable.

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deep fried chicken, meat and potato stew, and potato salad.

I don't know what is sad, the fact that the food was clearly not manipulate with high standards of hygiene, or that fact the menu is so low grade food which also seems to be served on a regular basis in this kind of institution (my son can tell you).

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A mass food poisoning outbreak caused by the norovirus occurred at a nursery school located in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward earlier this month.

I notice, whenever I'm out in public, Japanese people are not washing their hands. I hope the food handlers and servers are not neglecting this responsibility.

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