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Massive fire engulfs more than 140 buildings in Niigata Pref city


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Nasty, hope they get it under control, horrible way to end the year....

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140 buildings! The biggest fire I've heard of here. Hope everyone and their loved ones are safe.

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I wonder did they stop Hokuriku Shinkansen service because the fires were too close to Itoigawa Station?

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"a total of 17 fire trucks have been deployed.." That can't be right, can it? Was that a misprint? Surely a fire of that size involves more equipment?

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@recherch88 - That might have led to the number of houses that burned. They likely gave it their all. I think they responded as best they could, but it spread beyond their ability to handle quickly.

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Strong winds and buildings packed tightly together. Agree it's a horrible way to end the year, and I'm glad so far the injuries have been very low. Hope it stays that way.

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Hope that this disaster is controlled soon... stay safe Nigatta residents

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Sadly it seems the best thing that happened that night was the worst thing about the Niigata coast in winter - the rain.

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Sure bet 500 million dollars in "fresh aid" would go a long way to the victims here.

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They will get no aid from Abe as he is giving it away to other countries.

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Kaganoi, the oldest sake brewery in Niigata established in 1650 was burned down too.

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I sure hope that the Chinese place, where the fire is said to have started, has a ton of insurance. Fire laws here are strict and they could be found liable for all the damage.

Fortunately no one died, and I hope the injured recover quickly.

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It was super windy yesterday. In Itoigawa, gusts reached 80km/h, from the south too, so dry warm winds.

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