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Mayor offers Fukushima kids home in his town


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A good man. Not only is he trying to alert and inform, but he's taking active steps to help.

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This guy is a legend. Wish more would follow in his steps.

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At last someone taking the right kind of action ! What a great idea ! And Matsumoto is a great place to live ! Thank you Dr. Sugenoya.

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The government should support him, thats the least they can do after making all these mistakes.

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A hero has emerged. I hope many more do this

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Somebody who rises above most of us.

This is a good idea and not dissimilar to the practice of sending children to live in the countryside during war (any side in any war). One problem is breaking up with families and friends but it's in the kid's best interests.

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What a great man! He gets my vote for PM! Much better choice than that self-centered beaurocrat currently running the country.

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An all too rare instance of common sense!!! Nicely done Sugenoya-san!

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This is the right example! Good job!

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Matsumoto is the best place to live in Japan. Those parents in Fukushima shouldn't have stayed so long in that ruined prefecture. Get out while this offer is on the table.

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BTW, for those worrying about being separated from the family, that was the best thing that ever happened to me ! Sent to a boarding school for five years in a different country, I very soon learned to appreciate my parents and brothers in a way that would never have happened had I stayed home and gone to a nearby school... It is very true that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"... I learned to appreciate my family's love for me and was able to return it.

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maybe this Doctor should try to challenge any political position in future, he has an outstanding broad view not only for his own prefecture but for the safety of the most affected citizens in this country. i do believe that he should receive more aid from the nearby municipalities as the message from the central govn't is nothing but 'under control'.

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A person like this makes Japan a great nation. Abe and his family should live in Fukushima.

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Kudos to Dr. Sugenoya. Finally someone with a concrete and executable plan. Good Luck!

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a good man, I hope other mayors around Japan follow his example

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