McDonald's Japan says plastic in McNugget not linked to Thai plant


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Not very likely, but the chicken at the farm it came from could have gotten the plastic embedded some how.

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You're better off eating the plastic anyway

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highly suspicious and probably has to do with driving business stocks down or getting rid of upper management for a takeover. Follow the money always follow the money.

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Never taking my kids to M'd again.

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Japangirl - Not very likely, but the chicken at the farm it came from could have gotten the plastic embedded some how.

It's impossible when you consider 'chicken' McNuggets are less than 10% chicken the meat goes through several stages of mincing and mixing with various forms of corn (starch and oil) and then it's ladened with heaps of chemicals and artificial preservatives and flavorings, a couple of which are derived from butane, and after all that it is further processed again with gluten to get it to stick together and pressed into shapes. In this case, the saddest thing is, the piece of plastic in the nugget was probably the healthiest part of it. At least the plastic would have gone through. I'm still surprised they are allowed to call them chicken nuggets!

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The only way a tooth falls into a meat grinder is if a person also went in with it. Anyone done a head count in the China meat factory?

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Look at it another way.

It's actually a MacPlastic Nugget with bits of dead Thai chicken flesh stuck to it.

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Where the plastic came from is not that important for the customer that happens to ingest it.....

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So, that's why the nuggets tastes and feels rubbery.

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McNuggets - Cock-a-doodle-DON'T!

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Trace back please.

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Youtube prankster?

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