Meeting on preventing nuclear terrorism to be held in Tokyo this week


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Nuclear reactor explosions are also weapons of mass destruction. They are a biohazard to the people and the environment. Lets prevent nuclear reactor explosions or contain them as speedily as possible.

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An apt place to have The meeting breathing in the nuclear fallout in Tokyo from Fukushima Daiichi. I wonder if the airborne gamma radiation levels are tested..

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the radiation levels in Tokyo are less than New York but both are very low. The levels of Tokyo radiation are measured and published daily on the net. Go and see for yourself.

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It's not the airborne levels that significant rather those at ground level.....

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@zuchi i have been to Tokyo and Fukishima with my geiger counter. Tokyo at ground level is 3x higher than Kansai. Fukushima is 7x higher. I know this true because i was there and recorded the levels. I have no reason to lie. Fukushima and tokyo prefectures have many reasons to lie and hide the truth.

...on improving security in the transport of nuclear materials

so this means that security needs improving and we have been living with this danger all along?

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kurisupisu and Goodlucktoyou

The scientific method to measure the radiation level is one meter above the ground level. The level in Shinjuku today is 0.037 microsieverts per hour which is much lower than the limit set by law both by Japan and internationally of total exposure to radiation is 1 millisievert per year. The radiation level in Tokyo is less than New York you can check that on line.


please provide us with actual details, date, location, readings etc.

You both should also visit the citizens web site at Safe Cast and read their reports. That group has been monitoring since 3/11 and nothing to do with any government.

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[The participants, including those from nuclear powers Israel, India and Pakistan, are expected to exchange views on how to bolster measures to prevent weapons of mass destruction and related materials from falling into the hands of terrorists.]

Or more likely for no else to have the same powers they have. But the world should be focused on stopping terrorism in general, then just worrying about a dirty bomb. Granted they have the potential to be much more dangerous, but if we can not even stop the regular that appears to happen almost daily, some times multiple times a day, why do they think they can stop this? Proper precautions for sure, but how about stopping what is already going on first, then no need to worry about the latter.

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@zichi try:

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so you didn't visit the Safecast site, um? Which is probably the best site and instead posted an alternative with less correct info, um?

The national level is 1 millisievert per year for the country except for Fukushima which is 20 millisieverts per year.

1 millisievert per year = 0.11 microsieverts per hour. 20 millisievert per year = 2.28 microsieverts per hour.

Those levels are on top of the normal background readings. In Rokko Mountains in Kobe the normal background readings are 6 millisieverts per year.

On the blog you have linked to none of the Fukushima readings are above 2.28 microsieverts per hour. Those readings are also from 2015 when there are reading from today available. The readings for Tokyo for the proposed meeting are also below the limits but also date from 2014.

I really do suggest a whole afternoon on the Safecast site and even try an email with your concerns, they would love to hear from you, really.

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If indeed NYC and Tokyo are similar the yearly dose of airborne gamma radiation is around 2.5 Sieverts a year. gives the airborne gamma radiation levels for the US

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@Utrack May 28  10:56 pm JS

If indeed NYC and Tokyo are similar the yearly dose of airborne gamma radiation is around 2.5 Sieverts a year.

No, I don't think you must have made a mistake because that would be 250 microsieverts per hour and the legal limit is 1 millisievert per year.

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Wonder if the Japanese Arch-Nuclear-Terrorist TEPCO has been invited ?

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