Megumi Yokota's mother tells U.N. team of heartbreak years

By Elaine Lies

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There can be little worse, of more strain on the emotions, than living your life without knowing where a loved one is. Alive, dead, well, suffering? A dreadful situation which should have been sorted out by now.

Did any information of value ever come from those 5 returnees?

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Horrible stuff, and most certainly heartbreaking. Not sure what the UN can do about it, though. If anyone from another nation brings up Japan's history to the UN it sparks a firestorm here.

Anyway, I do hope that before Ms. and Mr. Yokota pass they can find some closure, but it's not looking likely.

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I always feel so so sad for this couple every time I see them in the news. I cant imagine the suffering they have gone through over the years. I really hope there is some end to all this for them and that one day soon they will finally know the truth.

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never understood how they were able to just kidnap them and bring them to NK.... sad thing.

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Megumi's younger twin brothers must miss her too.

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Very sad, I do hope they get closure. Nothing worse for a parent.

To think she may have been blocks from home when abducted is quite sad.

Wouldn't trust the North Koreans as far as I could throw them

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I had no idea the North Koreans would go this far.

The North denies that it abuses human rights and has refused to recognize the commission, denying access to investigators.

Somehow a foreign Govt abducting foreign children to train as spies is somehow not a breach of humans rights to these barbarians.

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I have always wondered why - to this day - you can still see the "missing" posters of poor Megumi here, appealing to the public for info. It is a quite haunting image of her wearing a yukata. I guess the Japanese government is far from sure she was abducted by the North Koreans, and maybe met foul play here in Japan? God knows the truth, or whether any admission of abduction by the twisted regime in Pyongyang is credible.

I really hope her long-suffering folks get some closure before they pass away.

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...and the Japanese government is still funding the schools that glorify the regime that committed these atrocities and continues to comit similar atrocities. Stop it now.

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I cried reading this. Awful.

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" never understood how they were able to just kidnap them and bring them to NK "

That has been described by those who were release. Small boats at the beach, hogtied and covered, then a quick trip to large NK "fishing boats" who operate in the Japan sea.

And this is the regime that demands that Japan should fund its schools here...

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