Melania Trump enjoys nature-themed Japan cultural experience

By Mari Yamaguchi

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MrsT looks stunning in that white dress, I love the comment about the little boy who had to be escorted out of the room, aaar, bless him. as for the rest of the displays and performers I bet it was a special day for them, it show cases the best that Japan can offer.

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Kinda mean they dragged the kid out. Let him enjoy it too...its just a day.

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Mrs. Trump always looks stunning. She is a model and escaped her country based on your "stunning" looks. Now that she is wealthy, she has the best hair, make-up artists, and clothing that all that money can buy. Yes, she looks gorgeous and photographs well. This is her talent and she has used it. It is a well-trodden path.

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Mrs Trump also learned how to summon carp at a pond in the garden: She clapped her hands, following the example of Mrs Abe, and the fish raced to her.

So kind of Mrs. Trump not to roll her eyes.

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Kinda mean they dragged the kid out. Let him enjoy it too...its just a day.

Of course. behind all that grace and elegance is a very controlled and despotic system that is rotten to the core

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I must be royal as well, when I go unto my pond to feed my large koi, they all come swimming towards me to feed.

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