Memorial ceremony marks fall of Singapore to Japanese troops

By Associated Press

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“Heartbreaking and so sad,” Menz said. “What was it all for? It should have never happened.”

Simply and well said... Lest we Forget

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soldiers from countries such as Britain, Australia and New Zealand who died for a hopeless cause, led by overconfident commanders fighting an overwhelming invading force.

In terms of manpower, the Allies had far more men defending than the Japanese

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Lt.-Gen. Arthur Ernest Percival made some very poor and misinformed decisions in not utilising his engineers to better fortify likely places of invasion and not reinforcing areas under strong attack. Though he did have an overwhelming amount of troops he lacked the aircraft, armour and artillery the Japanese had. Any number of soldiers are no match to tanks and aircraft.

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Some of us will go to work today, and we will have a "bad day in the office" the computer freezes, the vending machine takes your money without dispensing said item, you spill coffee on a work document, please take time just to think about these guys 75 years ago and the abysmal conditions that they all went through, and some paid the ultimate price, I am sure this will put your like into context, life is not to bad after all.

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In Japan that was known as liberation day! Even today still many people believes this

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I am a Singaporean living in Japan and I sincerely think that all Japanese should study more abt their past. I still see ijime even among Japanese & Japanese , why have they not learnt anything ???. Could it be like a mean sickness in their DNA ???.ijime means being horrible to another human being. Only thinking of themselves in the most selfish way. But not everybody , among my friends , 90% of them are really kind and nice.

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