Memories of Fukushima crisis rapidly fading, warn civic groups


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That tends to happen when you have a government and media that covers up the reality of it all!

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Whoever could have imagined such a thing, when Abe's State Secrecy Law effectively equates reporting on the situation in Fukushima with treason?

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May be better to read "LESSONS of Fukushima Crisis Rapidly Fading".

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Important to have a free press

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So, all according to plan, right?

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Somewhere, government officials are going, “Mwahahahahahaha!”

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Just how the government wanted it, all forgotten and swept under the rug.

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State Secrecy Law : Don't report on this, or ask questions about this, because it's a secret. Don't ask why it's a secret. Asking why is a crime.

Japanese Journalism: Fair enough.

If it's not in the news, people don't talk about it. Not hard to figure out.

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Wish the radiation was rapidly fading too!

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Important to have a free press

Will NEVER happen in Japan sadly!

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No one in Japan forgot about it. It was one of the worst disasters since WWII.

Magnitude 9 earthquake, follow by a massive tsunami and than the reactor exploding. Worst combination of disaster to hit any country ever in history of mankind. Everyone here remembers it well.

That's like saying Americans forgot about 9/11 and that was small disaster compare to x3 what happened to Japan in 2011.

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Memories of disasters fade rapidly in conservative environments.

Without a counterweight of some sort of Green politics how to know what is actually happening.

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How Japan came to rank worse than Tanzania on press freedom

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Recent reporting on fish caught around Fukushima show an increase in radioactive contamination.....not a decrease!

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Important to have a free press

Unfortunately many people prefer to read/hear what they believe than actual facts to avoid the uncomfortable zone.

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This was all part of the plan by the Abe administration to bury the inconvenient truth, especially with the Olympics coming up ... and worst of all, investigative journalism is an alien concept to the Japanese, so no one wants or gets the truth.... The usual sweep it under the carpet technique that Japan is accomplished at.

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We seem to get plenty of news related to the cleanup of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant and also to the areas affected by radiation. What we seem to hear less of is the general recovery from the effects of the tsunami elsewhere. Far more were affected by the tsunami directly than by the power plant issues. 16,000 killed. 120,000 buildings completely destroyed and 280,000 seriously damaged. 340,000 people displaced. Over 70,000 still displaced as of a year ago.

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It is very sad. I personally don’t think Abe, etc. are trying to hide things. Human nature is to forget bad things that happen. Of course there is PTSD, of which I know a bit about. But this nuclear mess is different! I saw a man being interviewed after Fukushima and he said same as me: all this percohertz, serviets, whatever, I don’t even know what it is! They might as well be speaking Navajo for all I and the man know! Can’t see, smell, feel, it, but that deadly mess is just there. And spreading. Fish, plants, mammals on USA west coast, no telling how bad it is on Touhoku coast and out at sea. I loathe EVERYTHING nuclear.

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The disaster may be remembered in other ways.

However as with WWII, Pear Harbor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as with Auschwitz, it will be remembered in different ways. The most important thing is to "look" and "work" toward the future so that such disasters may not be repeated. Toward that end, it would be nice if all the "good" and the "accomplishments" are also reported and brought to mind, so that we can "remember" the horrors with "dignity", "forbearance" and "positive outlook", if not "hope".

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and while they're at it don't forget to warn the tax offices - the past 2 years I was charged a few thou JPY on top of my national tax bill ostensibly 'To aid victims of the Fukushima disasters.' I told the tax man my wife is from Ishinomaki Miyagi Pref, her family home and all possession were destroyed, mother killed, father MIA for months then died shorty after being found. We've not received one word of condolence or one yen in reparations from anywhere, so why doesn't the tax office cut out the middle men and just pay me there and then the amount they want me to pay for victims cause they've got one standing right in front of them. My plea fell on deaf ears - I had to pay anyway.

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