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Meningitis cases reported in Sweden after Japan scout jamboree


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A simple Google search will tell you that it took place in Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City.

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This is a very serious problem. I haven't seen anything in the japanese news about this and why doesn't the article indicate the location of their jamboree? Does anyone know the location? I and my family do a lot of camping and hiking.mwoild love to avoid the area

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Then it must be the place anyway...

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There are numerous Japanese-language news reports online covering the 23rd World Scout Jamboree held at Kirara-hama, but other than 2-Channel I can't find a single Japanese-language media source reporting this to the Japanese public.

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Cue the task force.

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Its not the place that is the problem , it is peoples cleanliness. Like not washing hands after using Communal Toilets. It passes on very easily from one individual . Some one must have went to or supplied contaminated food that was uncooked for the jamborees use.

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This is shocking, all the countries involved should be checking the kids that went ASAP. Around over 33,000 attended this event with 152 countries involved. Some of those countries may not be equipped for a meningitis outbreak.

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They make a vaccine for all kids to get for this.

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Embarrassing news involving Japan will not be reported by the mainstream Japanese press. Therefore it didn't happen.

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