Mercury-poisoning victims demand tests, 60 years later


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. Only about 2,200 have been officially certified as victims, often after arduous court battles.

The Minamata mercury poisoning is and was a disgrace. Why do the victims have to continuously jump through legal hurdles?

Oh, I forgot. Business first. People and health? Last.

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Chisso factory that released the toxic waste in Minamata bay runs a business in Minamata city. In Japan, business comes first. Such tests are bad for business! Also Chisso was related to the emperor. Therefore the rightist government does not like the idea to talk too much about victims. Japanese justice at its best, guys.

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If Minamata is taking this long to clear up, how many years down the line will the j gov come clean about the effects of Fukushima?

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"Japanese law requires routine and meticulous testing for food poisoning. But such testing is only conducted when the government deems it necessary."

Ah, the Japanese famous lip-service laws. Whatever happened to honor and intergrity, eh?

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