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Meteorological agency predicts higher than usual temperatures for April-June


The Japan Meteorological Agency is forecasting higher than usual average temperatures from April to June.

According the agency, beginning in early April, a series of high and low pressure systems are expected to make their way across Japan. Because of this, higher-than-average temperatures are expected from the north to western Japan.

Although a slight return to cold weather is expected in northern Japan in early April, it is not predicted to continue.

Moreover, precipitation is expected to be average through June, the agency said.

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I must find somewhere else to be for late June. Rainy season is so depressing. If I know I'm leaving it behind soon, I can suffer the first couple of weeks rather easily...

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Hmmm, predicting the weather? How about telling us next week's Lotto numbers instead?

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Hot is no problem it's the humidity that makes it uncomfortable.

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There goes the Sakura Season.

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a series of high and low pressure systems are expected to make their way across Japan.

Now that's unprecedented!

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A return of El Nino conditions.

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That's OK with me after this cold winter. What I worry about is what's coming after that period, July through September.

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