Meteorological Agency supercomputer glitch affects data distribution


The Japan Meteorological Agency said Tuesday that a cooling system glitch affected its supercomputers, interrupting data the agency distributes to private weather information service companies.

The agency said that the malfunction occurred at 8:40 p.m. on Monday and lasted until 9 a.m. Tuesday, affecting hourly atmospheric analysis data. This in turn caused an interruption to provision of professional-use data, such as that used in numerical weather prediction maps, the agency said on its website.

TBS reported Wednesday that normal service was resumed by 3 p.m. Tuesday. Announcements of information about earthquakes, tsunami and weather warnings were reportedly not affected in the incident.

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Even so, where is my snow? They predicted huge amounts last night and all we got is this cold rain? Booo hissss....

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The back up batteries were probably made by GS Yuasa............................................................................................

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They use a supercomputer??? By the rate of misses, they might as well use bingo balls!!!

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Ah, so from now on there will be no incorrect predictions and we won't have to expect the opposite?

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can't even predict snow which is here and now but they can predict global warming until the end of century...

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bingo balls!

No, in Japan they have some guy "throw" a "geta" off his foot and the weather forecast depends on how it "lands"...

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Probably Chinees hackers checking to see how well their polition cloud is working on sufocationg Japan and then wipe the data.

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They are probably using the Fujitsu K since they would be using IBM or Cray. The 9 MegaWatt computer uses water cooling, so did it spring a leak? Didn't they have spare parts or do they not have tech's on at night? Over 18 hours to fix a cooling problem, is pretty poor.

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