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Meteorologists predict possible eruption at Mt Azumayama


The Japan Meteorological Agency's volcano division warned on Friday that a volcano which straddles the borders of Fukushima and Yamagata prefectures was showing signs of increased activity. The agency said there could possibly be a small-scale eruption on Mt Azumayama and warned people to stay away from the summit.

An official from the Fukushima Meteorological Observatory told a news conference: "During October, the number of volcanic earthquakes spiked and continued to climb in frequency into the month of November. Moreover, the time between volcanic tremors has decreased to only 34 minute intervals," TV Asahi reported Saturday.

During the month of October, 91 volcanic earthquakes were detected; in November 130, and as of Dec 12, the number of volcanic earthquakes was recorded at 129 and climbing. While the interval between tremors declined to 34 minutes, on site inclinometers observed topographical changes.

In the wake of these recordings, the Meteorological Agency is predicting a small scale eruption to occur soon, and has increased the eruption alert level from the normal '1,' to 2, which limits how close individuals should come to the center of the volcano.

The Agency urged caution and said that if an eruption were to occur, volcanic ash and rock could be ejected as far as 500 meters around the volcano posing a huge threat to human life.

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I was under the impression that Meteorologists only predicted the weather and the atmosphere above ground.

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I think you are correct. On the other hand, a meteorological agency might also employ vulcanologists if its remit required it.

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I'd say that Volcanoes definitely affect the atmosphere and conditions surrounding the volcano so Meteorologists reporting on these events seems logical.

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The JMA also deals with earthquakes.

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It's the headline that's the issue. JMA employs meteorologists, seismologists, volcanologists etc, each of whom works in their own department as part of the JMA and it's that agency that releases the information.

Replace the word meteorologist with met agency and the story would be correct. As it is it creates doubt and confusion.

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Forget the headline, isn't anyone else worried that if this thing erupts, it will further increase the suffering of the Tohoku people ?

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Do pro global warming advocates count surface and under Volcanic activity?

CO2 is easiest way to blame about global warming because they don't understand and couldn't go center of earth. The inner earth is like a Gas Strove and surface of earth is like a hotplate also Sun is above of us.

I hope this time everyone is taking precautionary step and will follow guideline from authority.

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Do pro global warming advocates count surface and under Volcanic activity?

No one is 'pro global warming', nor is anyone advocating it. We are simply agreeing with scientists who spend their careers studying it, who say it exists, and is a result of human activity. That doesn't mean we want it to happen, or are advocating for it to happen, on the contrary, we want society to accept that it is happening, and that we need to do something to stop it. This is true even for the deniers. You can deny that humans are responsible (and ignore all logic and facts), but that doesn't change the fact that we need to do something to reduce our contribution to it.

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If you want to find out about Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Typhoons, etc., on Japanese Yahoo, then click on 天気 Tenki, the Weather button, above Sports and below News.

A grander and more official-sounding name for weather would be 気象 Kisho, Meteorology, and thus the government department in charge is 気象庁 Kisho-Cho, or Japan Meteorological Agency as it is called in English.

Weird, perhaps, but that's how it is set up here.

Poor old Fukushima, rocked by hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes since 3/11, and now a volcano threatening to blow behind it. What is going on down there?

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Just seeing a Meteorologist tell me when a volcano is going to erupt, is like having a seismologist tell you when its going to snow and rain.

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