Michelin Guide unveils 2021 Tokyo star restaurants


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Yay I'm so excited! I will have to get the guide and try all the restaurants starting from Hokkaido all the way to Kyushiu. My backpack is ready to go!

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There is a Korean sushi master who is getting rave reviews at his 2 star restaurant in Japan. First for a foreigner sushi chef.

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over rated ....

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Ah, yes... the tire company that knows food. I don't think I know any other nations so proud of getting one or two stars from said tire company.

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Three things that give Japanese the most massive collective chubby:

--World Heritage listings

--Nobel prizes

--Michelin stars

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Hark at those here to poke fun. If you are not interested in food then no need make bitter comments.

We live in a country where we we get to enjoy some of the finest quality food at ANY price point. All restaurants crave a star - for the chefs its an acknowledgement of their skill and creativity. 2 stars requires more..3 stars EVEN more down to the ambience of the venue. To comment here and deride an industry that has been amongst the worst hit this year is beyond comprehension.

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There are many restaurants and chefs which have regretted getting even a single star. I love cooking and also dining out but have never even used the Michelin Guide. Even when I was living in France and then Italy. I would ask a local which were the best places to eat which often turned out to be mama papa type joints but good foods without high prices.

Here I know many very good restaurants and not one have a Michelin.

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If that is a dig at my comment zichi - you clearly didn't read it properly

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Some of these are absolutely excellent.  And there are many others not in the guide that are also superb.  Tokyo is a foodie's paradise.  One of the many reasons I still love living here.

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If that is a dig at my comment zichi - you clearly didn't read it properly

Actually my comment is entirely my own opinion and nothing to do with what you posted. Touchy are we? I would have posted the same even if you hadn't posted.

Many restaurants and chefs have regretted a Michelin star because they must maintain those standards and if they should slip a little at their next inspection they will lose their star and much of their business. Losing the star is worse than getting one.

From a diner's point of view I have little interest in what groups like Michelin recommend.

Even when they make Michelin visits they don't actually visit every restaurant in the town or city.

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I do eat out quite a lot, with my working hours, it suits me and my partner. I do NOT frequent Michelin Star restaurants whatsoever. What I do appreciate are local Yakitori/Sushi/Tonkatsu Restaurants that Excel in what they do and are busy without advertising and consistently deliver however popular they become AND look after their regular customers.

I am fortunate to have visited some Michelin (starred) Restaurants, some of which have been superb and others simply not to my taste. What is clear is the aim of these Restaurants and that should not be overlooked - in 80% of cases, its not just dressed up in bells and whistles, especially if its something a chef wishes to retain. It is MEANT to be a dining experience - whether people desire that or not is personal taste.

Zichi - sorry, having an off day. Apologies. Yes - I know of Restaurants here, and abroad that would rather NOT have the attention.

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Unfortunately Michelin doesn’t research restaurant food sources, as Tokyo gets a majority of ingredients from Tohoku and Kanto.

fukushima Dainichi has been spewing toxic radioactive substances every single second for 8 or 9 years...

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Looks like there's alot of Michelin fans.

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Looks like a lot of people with closed minds to me - just being anti establishment for the sake of it.

What's wring with liking with admitting to loving your local Izakaya AND enjoying what might be a fantastic experience at a Michelin Starred eatery too. Sad People.

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