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Michelin-star restaurant in Kamakura closed after food poisoning


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Definitely more information would help - sad to hear of this happening at a michelin star restaurant

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And during a busy tourist season yet

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Every time I've been to Michelin Star rated restaurants in Japan, I have been disappointed, they are always way too expensive and the food taste and quantity way too underwhelming and the service always seems to have the atmosphere that "we are an X star restaurant, you should feel lucky to be here". My advice is to avoid them, there is far better food in other places where they focus on the food and not the stars.

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Cuz was seafood too fresh?

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Just means the Michelin star rating doesn't mean anything

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THe Michelin star system is a joke anyway, awarding stores that are owned by belligerent racists who deny customers based on their backgrounds, etc., and not listening to complaints. It's just an old-boys club of entitlement. Michelin needs to stick to tires.

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Michelin star-ranked or not, all restaurants need to be vigilant in ensuring health and safety for patrons. For this restaurant, with its status as Michelin-rated, business is likely to suffer a bit.

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Well, at least the furnitures were exotic, the waitresses were beautiful, the ambience was exquisite, the air freshener used were imported from Michelin factory, the staff take shower twice a day every week etc etc.

Come on...Now aren't we expecting a bit too much when we say that the food need to be fresh in a family restaurant?!

If you really really want to check out a cool restaurant anywhere, ask the localites and listen to their feedbacks. I am sure you will never be let down.

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In Toronto we have a DineSafe public rating system (see the Google map at http://www.toronto.ca/health/dinesafe/index.htm) for every restaurant, with a map showing its performance over the last two years. Simple Green, Yellow, and Red ratings, with corresponding testing and requirements to get back to an acceptable level. You can see the history of a restaurant and even if it's green today was it green last month? Keeps places on their toes, keeps them using sanitation practices like gloves during food handling, proper temperatures, and storage.

I'm sure other cities have something like this but it's a hard topic to search for. Does Tokyo have anything like that?

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I always get a kick out of people who brag about going to a Michelin starred restaurant:

Them: I went to a one-star restaurant the other day! (patting herself on the back)

Me: Really? How was it?

Them: Expensive! and we had to wait for an hour

Me: Yeah, but how was the food?

Them: So-so.

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Sf2k, Tokyo doesn't need anything like you have in Toronto, all the public listens to is some Talent telling us this or that Resto is oishii and the next day there are long lines waiting.

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We do that too, but I was referring to when the Public Health close them down, as would have been the case here.

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Not sure the old adage 'any publicity is good publicity' works in this case.

Was actually reasonably priced for a michelin starred resto. I give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they bounce back. Don't think they were lazy/negligent per se.

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Another reason to be vegan hehe

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Any how, that is why I distrust any thing from Michelin, beginning from the mascot they have. Freaky

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What is it with the high rate of food poisoning in Japan. As a ex-chef I can tell you they can't be following Food Hygiene 101 if they are poisoning their customers.

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@igloobuyer: Quality comes with a added cost. Tough economic times in Japan. These things usually happen when cutting on costs, gradually compromise on quality. I am not saying this as a justification to food poisoning.I won't be surprised if the food was just stale at the end of the day. Its also perception problem to an extent.

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Unfortunately the distribution of Michelin starred restaurants, geographically and across cuisines reflects some degree of prejudices on the part of the guide. They always have a view about what a great restaurant is and it's harder to fit with this view if you're not making French or French inspired cuisine. There are preconditions about how great a restaurant should look. At the three star level you more or less have to have white linen and fancy silverware etc. I've tried many hole-in-the-wall places and regular places and I've found the food quality far more superior than in Michelin starred restaurants. Often, these simple restaurants aren't in first world countries. Currently, there are areas that are not even considered for Michelin evaluation because of trade policies. These trade policies affect certain ingredients that Michelin has decided are must-haves. However, it is neither fair nor conducive to best practices for every establishment to offer an ingredient not native to their area, let alone their cuisine. In the end a 3 star restaurant isn't automatically better than a two star, a one star or a no start place, if better means giving you the best overall eating experience.

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It's all about rich branding and nothing to do with quality. Without food handling certification of workers and a system of public health monitoring with online tools and phone numbers that are easy for patrons to use, you're taking your chances anywhere. Microbes don't care what an establishment looks like

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