Missile interceptor drill held in Tokyo following N Korean launches


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With that crazy psycho neighbors this is necesary..

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"By showing our capability to quickly respond to ballistic missiles, I think we can make people feel secure," said Lt Col Takasuke Maeda

Making people feel secure is the whole point of this exercise, as there's no way to make people actually secure from a missile attack. At least not to any large extent.

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Forget just Tokyo, we need the entire country coastline. Why should only a few be selected and have a chance at survival and not the rest of the country? Again government taking care of themselves first and primarily first and forget those who they represent. The votes wont' do them any good with everyone who got them there gone.

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With the raise in taxes the Abe empire clearly is showing their true colors and intention on where the extra money is going to go...

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They conducted an interceptor drill in six years? 

In those six years North Korea has developed a new type of missiles that could evade the SDF's interception by making the missiles orbits' unpredictable. How much did the Japanese government pay for these white elephants?

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Is the point of doing this publicly to arouse fear?

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Of course,it is part of Abe's agenda.

Fear is how the small control the large.

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Ah spitfire, of course , control is relative. , maybe we are finally going to war. Then trump will benefit from his old tripod play that only abe & Japan falls for. No one especially the normal Japanese wants war.

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These interceptor missives are even less successful than the DPRK misfiled they are trying to stop. If the DPRK launches a missile at Tokyo it will take one hour to impact. However, it takes two hours to ready the interceptor missile. Get it?

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What kind of drill

was it?

Were missiles launched at an aerial target on an intercept with Yoyogi Park?

The target was nullified?

Maybe, it was all for show and a big pose?

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Brought to you by the Ministry of Fear and the Bureau of Distraction.

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Are these the same PAC-3 Patriots that “worked so well” to protect the Saudi refineries?

I’m afraid they are. Sad to see tax payers money wasted on stuff like this.

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Hmm...20 minutes for checks... by the time they'd have finished their checks the Missiles would have flown over, possibly even circled around a bit playing the North Korean National anthem, before heading off to destroy their targets. I really hope that they don't do these checks in a real situation!

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I guess they didn't really test that these systems worked by conducting a live fire drill ? The US Missile defense system doesn't really have a confidence building success rate, so testing it to show the Public just how the Government spends their hard-earned Taxes could leave a lot of red-faces, and questions....

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Anyway, nowadays N.Korea doesn't need accuracy, they can just sail up close to their target and lob any old clumsy nuke laden missile onto target from their submerged subs. Wonder how much investment Japan has into underwater sonar (etc) for detecting submersibles ?

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And the rockets red glare.....

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Were missiles launched at an aerial target on an intercept with Yoyogi Park?

Did you bother to read the article? The drill was held in Rinkai Park, not Yoyogi.

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Japan needs to take up her own defense against enemies. Trump is not interested in foreign wars. Japan is on her own.

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