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Missing French woman's brother in Japan to continue search for sister


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Hope they find her

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It only took him 4 years to come. I wonder why.

Is not the first time someone enter the country as a tourist and then fell off the radar. Heck, here we even have a lot of our own people disappear to, in order to escape some kind of problem they have in life. We call it Johatsu. The estimate is that round 100k people do it every year.

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Snow is on it's way. I hope he has a good plan

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Sad, I doubt very much that she did what some ED suggested bcz. she could have done it in her country or Europe, she probably loved Japan like many others and wanted to visit . I hope they find her so the Family can have the peace we all deserve.

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It only took him 4 years to come. I wonder why.

Well, you may have heard, there was a global pandemic and Japan was not letting people in. It's a long shot but that might have had something to do with it.

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@Moonraker, it seems like you give the guy way too much credit. First off the pandemic didn't start at 2018 july when she went missing. So he had plenty of time to arrive and look for her. Secondly while it's true borders were close for tourists after april 2020, it wasn't fully closed off and there were still a people coming and going for all kind of different reason.

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Well, I want to think good of him and that he has real concern for his sister. I don't have evidence or want to believe that he really doesn't care. When police in Japan were not turning up the solution maybe he had a plan to get to Japan that was thwarted by the pandemic. Who knows?

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There’s a million places places to get lost and have an accident in in Nikko. If you don’t follow the tourist trail that starts from the busses at the station you can literally hike through the woods for hours and have a better chance of running into deer and bears than another person. And a lot of the trails are not clearly marked and cell reception is non existent depending on how deep you go. And it is unsettling walking in those woods because her picture is/ was plastered all over the main trails. Kind of thought it was a tragic accident and maybe she had a seizure or was attacked by a bear. But it’s odd that they never found a trace of her, not even any belongings. I doubt her brother will be able to find any new information but maybe it will help bring the family closure. Also FYI @Hiro the brother was here multiple times right after his sister disappeared. I remember. This article just states that he arrived in Japan for the “first time in three years”.

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we even have a lot of our own people disappear to, in order to escape some kind of problem they have in life. We call it Johatsu. The estimate is that round 100k people do it every year.

Never heard of a tourist from Europe travelling all the way to Japan to disappear inorder to escape creditors or whatever. They tend to stick out like sore thumbs here, and it would be much easier to do it back home, so I highly doubt that is what happened.

The article notes she has epilepsy. She may have had a seizure while hiking which led to her disappearance.

I really feel for the guy, I lost my own sister (cancer) and know how that feels.

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She was last seen walking close by a notoriously dangerous path by the river. I don't think 2 and 2 need to equal 5.

Hiro, give up.

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French workers have I believe, somewhere in the region of 5 weeks holiday per year.... even still, it's certainly going to be a hard search to perform during that timeframe. However as Nikko is a very Tourist saturated place, a dead body would be something that wouldn't easily go unnoticed. That said, I also didn't notice any missing persons flyers whilst visiting the area recently....

He should focus upon what interested his Sister, and if she would go off-track - where she'd go in the area to satisfy that curiosity - however this time of year, probably isn't the best time to do so, and given the duration since her disappearance - it's going to be a hard job to find any clues.

Maybe she was kidnapped ? Hiring a local detective, may be more productive... but the Language barrier would probably be an issue.

I suspect, it's going to be a sadly, a very frustratingly depressing experience, and feel sorry for the Family involved.

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Seriously, I hope someone find her...

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I remember seeing the missing person posters, for this lady, when I was in Nikko at the beginning of 2019.

Very sad situation for her family and I pray that they eventually find their closure.

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This news story need a photo.

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It was summertime, and I suspect the river has something to do with it.

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You dont know anything about it and since years, brother and Sister are looking for her, wrote book, hired to private detective, and pointed all the fails of police who never considered kidnapping.

Hope they finally found her!

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I may have read this wrong butJapanese news is reporting that despite witnesses seeing her leave at 10am she remained connected to the hotel wifi until 11:40.

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