Missing man found dead in Kanagawa forest


A 60-year-old man who has been missing in a forest near Sagami City, Kanagawa Prefecture, since Monday morning, was found dead about 20 meters under a cliff on Monday afternoon, police said Tuesday. Police said he seemed to have fallen over the cliff.

Hidekazu Kubota, 60, a taxi driver, was found dead around 4 p.m. by police officers. According to police, Kubota and a colleague had been picking mushrooms and separated. When Kubota failed to return, the colleague contacted police around 10:15 a.m.

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rest in peace

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A Tragedy....

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they may want to question the other guy a bit further. 2 guys walk into a Forrest and one walks out, the other ones dead. Automatic suspect.

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Hmmm... sounds more than a little suspicious.

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I agree Romulus3, hopefully the did question the guy.

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I saw this one on a Fuji TV drama, it was the guy who went with him but they cornered him on a beach, tackled the knife from his hands and then he confessed.

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at this time of year the giant Hornets are at their most voracious.It could have been something as simple as being attacked by hornets and falling over while escaping.

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No mention of early morning Saka break, so if alcohol was not involved then were these people maybe smoking the mushrooms?

How could he have fallen over the cliff? It was daylight out but was there any fog? Not enough details in this story for me to put my Sherlock Holmes Hat on.

Or could have been attackec by Big Panda (Asian version of Big Foot).

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Sagami? Is in in Sagamihara city, a very nice part of Kanagawa prefecture in which I lived for a few years and never heard of such an incident. We have more incidents with drunk U.S. military guys and their drunk kids than from anybody falling off a cliff (they found this dead old dude at the bottom of a cliff so I just have a wild hunch that he fell of the cliff.)

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