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Missing man, great-grandchild found on Gunma mountain


A 79-year-old man and his 5-year-old great-grandchild were found on Monday morning after they went missing while picking mushrooms on a mountain in Tsumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture. Neither of them were injured, police said.

The two were found by police around 8:20 a.m. one kilometer from the site where they had last been seen on Sunday when they went into the mountain to collect mushrooms. Police and the fire department mobilized about 60 personnel to search for them after they received a report from their families around noon on Sunday.

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I am glad that they are okay, i bet they have a lot of mushrooms

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Yeah, living here in "Soylent Green Land" Tokyo, it's hard to believe you can get to a place in Japan where nobody knows where you are for a while.

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Noripinhead - have you NEVER been out of Tokyo? It's hard to believe people who live here who have a pulse, are not bedridden and have at least access to tv realise that so much of this country is uninhabitable mountain forests.

Glad the 2 are fine - it must have been cold and scary at night. Good thing no bears showed up.

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Maybe those were some special mushrooms and gramps got a little disoriented. Kidding aside, I'm glad their fine. Noripinhead "SoylentGreenLand" good take on Tokyo, I couldn't live there. Get down to Kyushu sometime or maybe Wakayama there are a lot of beautiful places in Japan once you get out of the city.

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79 year olds should NOT be hiking in "natures". They should be in the safety of nursing homes, watching TV all day, and barely moving.

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This looks like a scene from "On Golden Pond" when Henry Fonda and his grandson only difference is they are on the lake...but same idea. Maybe this was the Japanese version of "On Golden Pond" (renamed to "On Golden Mountain")only in REAL life version.

Glad they are both OK. One thing for sure the grandson will have a memory of his grandfather to last him the rest of his life (a Kodak moment if I've ever seen one).

Just hope I can still walk at 79 years old let alone hike into the forest with my grandson.

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yeah, he is doing pretty well for 79, I hope I'm in that good a shape. Glad they are both safe too.

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