Miyagi police officer commits suicide; note blames power harassment


Miyagi prefectural police said Tuesday that a police officer committed suicide in Tome on Monday, and left a note saying he had suffered power harassment from a superior.

According to police, the officer called in sick on Monday morning. Sankei Shimbun reported that a colleague of the officer visited his apartment on Monday night and found the body. Police said the officer had hanged himself.

Police said a note near the body indicated that the officer had been on the receiving end of harassment from his superior, Sankei reported.

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This makes what. the third suicide case due to power harassment in the police since the start of the year? one was a double right? it's so sad to see this happening.

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Will the harrassing office now "fall on his sword" or at least make a repentant change? I hope so (but it is doubtful). Either of the above outcomes would make the world a better place.

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Was it reported and ignored? How old was this guy and who was the boss? Japan needs ot seriously do something about bullying here.

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As much as I feel for this guy...why kill yourself? Just quit your job! Get out of there and find another job elsewhere. If you want to be a cop, move to another city or prefecture, and raise hell about the a-hole who was harassing you. So much could have been done and yet people still opt for the extreme. Such a waste of life.

Having said all this, his boss needs to be investigated and fired if what is being accused is true.

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He should have watched Death Wish a couple times. Probably would have found a better solution to his problem.

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I do not agree with suicide, very sad indeed. I wish this guy or lady being bullied, would have had the courage to stand up and give the offending superior a good couple of swings with a baseball bat upside that smelly fat head! And a few to the knee caps, good old mafia style! I bet that would have taught this mean bastard up in Miyagi a lesson or two!! RIP

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Police said a note near the body indicated that the officer had been on the receiving end of harassment from his superior

Interesting that no details about the officer such as marital status, age, rank, time in service, nothing at all nor are there any details of the note disclosed to allow us to know the extent of the harassment according to this officer. The police provide plenty more information on similar cases when the people involved are not employed by them.

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